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I started doing yoga about a year ago. I wanted to do something physical but knew a "jumping around" class wasn't going to be for me. I called Drishtiq one day (after driving by the studio about 50 times!) to obtain some information on the classes, what to expect, etc. and decided to give it a try. I really enjoyed my first class and have continued to take different classes with different instructors ever since. Everyone has a unique teaching style so it keeps it interesting as well as challenging.

Since I began yoga, my energy level and strength have increased. There are various poses that I am still unable to do but I'm motivated to master these poses someday soon to feel an even greater sense of accomplishment. If I'm having a stressful day, I log onto the website to see if there's a class I can take to help calm my nerves. I know when I leave yoga, I always feel so much more relaxed and centered.

We have a fitness center at work so some of the mat work I do over lunch parallels some of the exercises at yoga such as the planks and core work.

Drishtiq has so many great instructors - I think I've taken classes from the majority of the team and they are all very inspiring, supportive and approachable. I never have a feeling of intimidation when I visit the studio and there's never any pressure to match the level of the person on the mat next to you. Keep up the great work, Drishtiq!

— Este Wolf

I am a runner, averaging 12 to 20 miles per week. Prior to yoga, running was my only form of fitness, and I had terribly tight hamstrings and hips. In addition to being inflexible, my balance was not great. Yoga has eased my  tightness caused by running, and has dramatically increased my flexibility and balance. I believe I am a better runner now that I have incorporated yoga into my fitness routine. Two aspects of yoga I never gave thought to prior to my first class are breath and focus. I now use breathing techniques and drishti on a daily basis - at home, at work, and when I am running. I have Drishtiq to thank for my love of yoga. I feel stronger and at peace after each practice. Every instructor is so welcoming and helpful, and I enjoy the variety of classes offered (my favorites are Warm Vinyasa and Hatha Flow). At the end of every class at Drishtiq, I am grateful for the time spent on my mat, and look forward to the next time I get to spend in the studio. Namaste.

— Katie Lee

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Melanie Heck sharing her love for Drishtiq!

Yoga has definitely changed my life.  Not being able to do any sort of exercise was very difficult for me emotionally and yoga has filled that void.  I still struggle physically with back & hip issues, but yoga is the one thing that I can do and still be able to walk the next day.  

The yoga community at Drishtiq is so wonderful and has been a blessing to me.  Everyone I come in contact with is so lovely and supportive!  I consider Drishtiq to be part of my family!  I am thankful to each and every person there...who knows where I would be without them!

— Melanie Heck

When asked if there was anything I wanted to say about Drishtiq I wasn’t even sure where to begin. I’m a big believer in fate and things that are meant to be. Drishtiq has become my yoga family. The one place I can go that I know will bring me peace of mind and acceptance of myself. I have such an admiration for the instructors. I’ve tried and accomplished things I’ve never even imagined doing. I didn’t know it was possible to end a practice with tears in your eyes. That’s what the instructors do for me and that is truly a gift. Drishtiq is where I am meant to be.


— Jill Conyers

I have never been a sound sleeper and I usually wake up around 3-4 times per night.  I wear a fitness band that tracks my steps and measures my light and sound sleep and the number of times I wake up each night. On average, the amount of light sleep I get each night significantly outweighs the amount of sound sleep I get. However, on the nights I attend the Intro to Restorative Yoga class, my sound sleep is twice the amount of my light sleep and I do not wake up throughout the night. I find that I wake up the morning after attending a Restorative Yoga class refreshed and energized. This class is perfect for someone who needs to take a step back from the daily stress in their life and just relax and re-energize!


— Fay Coleman

Jenna McHugh

Yoga has really helped me become a better runner by strengthening my core and stretching my muscles.  Prior to yoga, I was more prone to injury and did a poor job stretching properly.  Amy Vetter is a fantastic teacher and very in touch with her class.  She offers options for poses to accommodate those of all skill levels in her class.   With the help of yoga and Amy, I just ran my fastest marathon time!

— Jenna McHugh

Nick Cox

After adding yoga into my life I have increased flexibility, which has strengthened my joints to prevent injuries and I cope with stress in a much better way.  My body balance and overall health have improved my cardio health, strength and energy levels are the best they've ever been. I recognize yoga's ability to improve you physically, mentally and emotionally through its breathing techniques, poses, and meditation. I now feel great, rejuvenated and invigorated.

— Nick Cox

One year after starting yoga at Drishtiq Yoga and feeling a stronger, more flexible, more stamina, and younger! Lennice has been a wonderful instructor and a constant source of encouragement. I hope to feel even younger in the year ahead. Thank you Lennice and Drishtiq Yoga. 

— Robin Albus

Yoga became a part of my life after years of struggling with an eating disorder. All of the instructors at Drishtiq are extremely positive and motivating and they encourage everyone to appreciate their body and what it is capable of. My first yoga class was with Jill, and she showed me a new and healthy way to challenge my body, while also being accepting of different levels of ability. The classes at Drishtiq continue to challenge your body while also promoting inner peace and self awareness. 

— Julia Russell

I'm not flexible, I can't contort my body in a million different ways...but when I am in a yoga class none of that matters because I know that I am doing what's best for my body and don't care or think about what I look like.  Yoga is an escape for me and the benefits are an added bonus! 

— Julie Robenson

Amy was my first yoga instructor, and the best!!!  She knows my strengths and weaknesses and she adjusts our practice to suit my needs.  I never feel better than when I am 'yoga-ing' with Amy!

— Alison Goldberg

Yoga has noticeably helped me with a genetic neurological disease that causes acute muscle spasms and imbalance. My balance has improved and my spasms have subsided. My neurologist has recommended I take up the practice for years but I was reluctant due to my limitations. That is until I called and spoke with Lennice! She encouraged me to come in and has been supportive ever since. She taught me my practice is just that, mine! Yoga has allowed me to enjoy a better quality of life both physically and mentally. I've also lost weight and gained strength as an added benefit! I am so glad Lennice answered the phone the day I called!

— Diane Littick

I started my son in yoga at age 7. He quickly found his passion for yoga and has been my yoga partner ever since.  What has been so amazing to watch is how he has been able to incorporate it into his everyday life and feel peace when he is practicing.  I knew he understood yoga when he first tried out for swim team and he said to me after practice, “Mom, I feel the same feeling when I am swimming than when I do yoga!” Hopefully, yoga will always be something he can carry with him throughout his life and find that sense of peace whenever he needs it.

— Amy Vetter

Amy takes my yoga practice to a new level.   Every session challenges me to get deeper into a pose, build strength, and find inner peace.  After an hour of yoga with Amy I am totally poised to take on all the challenges of the day.

— Shari Roth

I started practicing at Drishtiq yoga when it opened. My practice has grown in many ways thanks to the encouragement of all the instructors as well as other clients. It is a warm welcoming community that adds extra fun to your practice. The variety of classes helps you to grow and challenge yourself, always taking you to your edge, no matter what that is on any given day. I love Drishtiq and highly recommend it for everyone, no matter what your level of practice. You will grow in strength and flexibility plus make some new friends!

— Therese Currin

Practicing yoga has helped me to realize many of my self imposed limitations and gain a new perspective for what I am capable of.  It also has allowed me to grow physically and spiritually in ways that I had not anticipated as well as providing me a place to get centered when life gets chaotic.

— Ryan Zollett

Because of numerous body aches, I defaulted to yoga out of necessity. After taking Amy's classes, I discovered the amazing benefits of yoga: a heightened and improved sense of self and body, grace and, last but not least, an incredible sense of peace and harmony. I have been hooked ever since!


— Barbara Slutsky