Helene Everhart, RYT-200


No matter the question, YOGA is the answer! 

In 2013, with my youngest son off to preschool and my twin boys settled in elementary school, I began my yoga practice as a way to rediscover myself and to recommit to a healthy way of living. I made my way back to a regular gym schedule as well and became a certified fitness instructor. I found that I was incorporating more and more yoga into my classes - a little series after cycling and adding vinyasa flows and strengthening poses wherever I could. I wanted to learn more, so I went on to get a fitness yoga certification. As time went by, I craved more than just the physical practice, and I wanted to share that with my students. I did a deep dive into all 8 limbs of yoga, and in 2017 I earned my RYT 200 certification from StudioB Yoga Center in Danville, PA.

The Universe then decided to put all the skills I’d learned to the test. A fantastic job opportunity for my husband presented itself, so we packed up our boys, now in 7th and 2nd grades, and headed to Cincinnati.

We’re loving it here, and I’m so thankful to have found my sangha at Drishtiq - I look forward to meeting all of you beautiful yogis!! Om Shanti, Helene 💚