introducing the drishtiq YOGA

Live your Yoga- Off the Mat-

Monthly Unlimited Membership offering

This membership is not about the physical practice, but instead taking your yoga knowledge further and learning how to incorporate it into your life. This membership is a stand alone membership that you can add-on to your current monthly unlimited membership or purchase on its own. We want to help guide you in living your yoga, whether in the studio, at work or at home, so you can find more happiness throughout your day.  It will include the following:

Mastermind Groups- We will meet together at the studio once a month as a MasterMind Group - each meeting will be 60-90 minutes, covering topics in yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation and subtle body.

Virtual Yoga included, providing you access to videos throughout your day when you can’t get to the studio. Utilizing it to give you breaks in your day with meditation, restorative classes or physical practices that work into your schedule.

The B3 Method Institute - online content that will help you to start to take your learning deeper about yourself. 5-10 minutes lessons will be delivered to you each Monday to explore topics such as work-life balance, getting back to your authentic self, learning to be present in your day, building confidence & more. Content provided helps you to journal and brainstorm areas of opportunities and strengths, provides intention setting and mantras for each week.

Drishtiq Retreat - $100 Discount on purchase of Retreat this Summer and there will be a special session offered just for members

Teacher Training Make-up Hours - earn up to 20 makeup hours. Have you thought about going through Teacher Training but worried you may have to miss a weekend? Start banking hours with this membership! Earn up to 20 hours you can use toward Teacher Training weekends in the unfortunate event you have to miss a day or two during the 6 month program.

Additional Om’s for OM Club - members will earn 1 OM for every Master Mind Meeting they attend and for each B3 Bundle they complete on The B3 Method   Institute program. Earn up to 24 additional OMs per year with completion of each activity.

Price is 74.95/month + tax, 

Total value of this package for 12 months is $1,150- a savings of $250. 

To get the full benefit of this membership, we ask for a 12 month commitment, so you can reap the benefit of growing your knowledge and supporting others in the community on their journey as well.