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daniel mcguire

I have been wanting to try Yoga for a long time now. I have been at it since March.


I have been doing Combat Sports since I have been a kid. I started Yoga as a way to keep healthy and develop athleticism originally. Since then I have learned that Yoga is so much more than that.

Yoga has allowed me to slow down, and enjoy life more, and to reflect. In a world that Is so fast pace, we as individuals rarely take time to slow up for ourselves and to live in the moment.   

Yoga has given me a different perspective on the Combat Sports I train in, which is primarily Brazilian Jiu jitsu. It has given me more ability to stay calm in high pressure situations where most would panic. When I compete in Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Yoga has given me the ability to have a calm mind and be at peace with myself even when in the most hostile of situations. Yoga gives me the ability to create space when no space is given.

There are both mental and physical strength in Yoga.  You learn that the mind and body are one and can act as one. The more you make the connection, the more the possibilities are endless. It has allowed me to deal with the stresses of daily life, in a manner I have never been able to deal with before. I just wanted to say that the instructors at Drishtiq Yoga are fantastic, motivational and detailed oriented.


Betty Hakes

My yoga journey began about 2 years ago as an alternative to boot camp and cardio classes that were injuring my knees, ankle and back. I came into yoga with a goal of relieving pain, and never expected to get a good old traditional “workout.”  I didn’t realize how the Vinyasa flow was going to change my body and how I feel. 

unnamed (2).jpg

Between yoga, and my 80% vegan lifestyle change, I lost weight, become stronger with toned arms and abs.  The results are more than physical changes in body, but also about how I feel and think about life outside the mat. Coming back to breath calms all aspects of my life, especially during stressful times. Yoga has transformed me inside and out.

What a blessing to have found the Drishtiq community of practitioners and teachers who are non judgmental, helpful and kind.  My goal is to keep my body and mind healthy for the remainder of my years on this earth so I may celebrate life with my family and friends. 

May your yoga journey bring you peace, health and happiness.


Susan Drake


I actually started practicing yoga about 10 years ago back in Chicago, where I’m from. After moving to Ohio I kinda lost my way and my practice. I had always wanted to get back to it but just never did. It was actually my daughter who got me the one month new student pass for Christmas and the rest is history.

From my first class on I was hooked! All the teachers and staff were so warm and welcoming, not to mention knowledgeable, I feel very comfortable walking in the door at Drishtiq, it really is a community!  Besides the wonderful people here one of the things that made me stay on was the fact that I could attend any class I wanted and they are offered all day long! It really fit into my schedule.

I really look forward to coming to class; it’s my “me” time! Once I’m on my mat that hour is solely dedicated to my wellbeing. Being a nurse I know I have to take care of myself in order to better take care of others. I feel stronger, more flexible and ready to take on what comes next. I really believe it has made me more centered and better able to focus on what’s important in my life.


Kristin Wacker

In 2018 I had intentions and expectations to explore yoga again, looking for the physical benefits and physical healing. What I have found practicing yoga, has been so much more.

I experienced a difficult season in 2018. Most relevant to my yoga journey, was a debilitating, traumatic neck injury in March 2018. I am extremely active and the acute debilitation was devastating. I experienced ongoing pain, immobility, muscle spasms, radiating nerve pain and swelling. The delayed recovery was emotionally draining. 2018 felt like a year of defeat. Finding my mat at Drishtiq Yoga became an incredible outlet I needed for healing.

Yogi Pic.jpg

I began my yoga journey with an abundance of physical limitations. Yoga postures and stretches have become an extension and perfect complement to physical therapy and other medical treatment. Specific to my condition core strengthening to support the spine and heart opening exercises have contributed to substantial physical improvement in the past 6 months. I am confident the incorporation of yoga has contributed to my ability to run again. Participating in my first race again, the Flying Pig Marathon Relay.

Physical healing is only 50 percent of the benefits I have experienced.  Practicing yoga has enhanced my emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. Drishtiq Yoga provides a uniquely, special experience emphasizing a joyful environment, support, community and mediation. I love that each instructor is genuine and authentic to her individual style, personality and rhythm. I love there is an endless opportunity to be challenged and experience physical advancement.

As a runner, I’ve always been addicted to the high intensity, mind numbing, endorphin release achieved through running. I love to be constantly in motion. Stillness was never something I had a desire to achieve. However, learning the principles of stillness and breath have become invaluable to achieving more balance and inner peace.  

No matter the season, I have found in practicing yoga is a constant, safe, peaceful nature of unrolling your mat and placing your feet down. I will always find release, center and harmony practicing yoga. And found friendship, community and joy practicing at Drishtiq!


Dave Helm

dave helm (2).jpg

Dave has been practicing yoga at DRISHTIQ since June of 2013.  The classes he most enjoys are the ones he takes alongside his community of friends at DRISHTIQ!  He enjoys the camaraderie he finds in the Sunday evening classes and takes time out of his day to stop in for a Lunchtime express from time to time. 

Dave is a father of 2 and grandfather of 3 beautiful granddaughters. He loves motorcycle and bike riding. Also an avid golfer and plays racquetball when he's not on his mat. He finds yoga helps warm him up and keeps his shoulders and hips ready for the sports he enjoys.  He has cross paths with people that have inspired him to make yoga a bigger part of his week. Dave has over 74 yoga classes under his belt so far in 2019 and his goal is set to make the 200 Om Club this year. Come celebrate with him! 


Kim Wells

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I started my yoga practice about 10 years ago as a means of exercising.  Yoga was always more of a physical practice for me mostly because I was in a fitness center.  About 5 years ago, I started working full time and found very little free time for anything, let along yoga.  I did try hot yoga at some local studios.  I really enjoyed it, but failed to find something that worked for me and my busy life at the time.  So I stopped doing yoga.  Fast forward to October of 2017, I was unfortunate enough to witness a tragic accident a that made me revaluate my work situation that was taking too much time away from my family and my own well being.  I made a decision to change jobs and focus on more important aspects of my life:  my family and my health.  But there was still something lacking. 

In May of 2018, I found myself struggling with being overweight, stiffness in my joints and nagging back pain.   Several months at the chiropractor didn't help as I had hoped it would.  Then, my good friend, neighbor and fellow yogi, Melanie Powers told me she was coming to Drishtiq and how much she loved it.   This was such a huge shock to me since I never imagined Mel liking yoga, let alone being a monthly member.  So I decided that it was time to step back on my mat. 

I attended Drishtiq when it first opened and was only the single heated room.  When I returned, I was so pleased to see the additional class offerings. Stepping back on the mat wasn't easy, but it was the best thing I have done for myself.  I'm thrilled to say my back pain is 90% better than it was in July.  It's not 100%, but I no longer dread that first step every morning and I'm not even close to considering seeing a back doctor.  I'm still not as flexible at 55 as I was at 50, but I have set some goals for myself this year to get some of that back. I want to do a headstand again, maybe even a backbend and I really want to loosen my shoulders up and do binds again. 

I boldly say these things because Drishtiq and the amazing group of instructors who offer a kind, non-threatening and nurturing environment give me the courage to want to try and I know I will be successful. I've even committed to doing mediation one time a week.  It's tough for someone like me who's brain never shuts down, but I'm doing it to help me relax and hopefully start sleeping better.  (My fitness app indicates that I do sleep better when I exercise.)  I'm so happy to be a part of this amazing yoga community.  No matter what, I am going to be successful in my yoga practice.  Thank you for the confidence Drishtiq and thank you Mel!

Jennifer Richter

I found Drishtiq about a year ago, and it has changed my life.  I am a type A, married, full time working mother of two teenagers.  I'm guilty of trying to manage a life full of perfection, anxiety and exhaustion.  However, I have always known this lifestyle was impossible to sustain and that I was suffering.  Last January I wanted to make a change for me.  I have always been interested in yoga, but I wasn't sure I could slow down enough to actually gain the benefits. I use to think, "why do people love it so much, how do they actually calm their minds, is it really going to work?"  I decided that following yoga videos in my basement just wasn't cutting it.  I decided I wanted to try hot yoga in a studio and Drishtiq was going to become my Yoga home.  At first I was kinda afraid that people could see me struggling to follow the teacher.  I did many wrong stretches, with my foot pointed in the wrong direction most days.  I soon realized that this was OK, and that I was on my own yoga journey.  I've slowly become more integrated in the classes and I love yoga now.  I kinda think of my classes at Drishtiq as therapy.  I have learned to calm my mind, and I am getting better at it every day.  My favorite classes are the warm and heated vinyasa's.  I feel like I am actually more flexible when I am warmed up.  My favorite part of class is listening to the reading passages that the teachers share either at the beginning or end.  They help me set my intention and also sometimes teach me to be kind to myself.  I plan to be part of the 100 club this year.  I hope to see you along the way.

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wendy smith

Wendy 2019 low res (1).jpg

I still go left when the instructor says right, feel completely awkward as I try to contort my body into something I haven’t done since I was two, and struggle to remember the animal names and poses (let alone how to pronounce them).  Then I look up and notice the gymnast and dancer on either side of me doing a beautiful camel pose, while I look like a dying mule. I cannot help but laugh at myself a bit. In those humbling moments I have the opportunity to persevere without the need for perfection. More importantly, I recognize that the effort of me just being there on my mat, rooting in the present moment—allowing my body to connect physically, mentally, and spiritually—has become a life changing practice for me.

After years of health issues, and most recently diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, I knew I had to make a major life change. I went from being a very active person to someone that could barely get out of bed for almost three weeks—other than making it to the next doctor's appointment. I wasn’t satisfied with the suggested medicated approach to my symptoms, so I started educating myself on my auto-immune disease, natural remedies and mindfulness. I began an Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP) Diet and started taking more regular classes at Drishtiq Yoga.

The instructors at Drishtiq are absolutely amazing and create a warm, welcoming environment. They are knowledgeable, encouraging and very supportive of each person’s individual yoga journey. The wonderful sense of community and friends I have made are an added bonus. 

Practicing yoga is showing me the true strength that is within me. That at my core, beneath aches and everyday stresses, there is a deep desire and ability to heal. Yoga has helped me get my life back and reminds me of the value of living with intention. I am truly grateful to be on this healing journey, and believe each day is a gift we have to create unity between our mind, spirit and body.

Michaela Ruebel

My first memory of yoga was around the 5th grade when one of the cool art teachers decided to offer yoga as an elective class students could take instead of gym class. Not being the most athletic kid growing up, I jumped on the opportunity, and after just one class I knew yoga would always be a part of my life. Since that first class, I've practiced yoga off-and-on in various studios and various cities, but I never maintained my practice consistently enough to really feel the transformation I've experienced now.

IMG_7856 (1).jpg

Two and half years ago, my husband and I moved to Mason, and it was right before the move that I found out I was pregnant with our son. After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes during the pregnancy, and postpartum anxiety and depression after his birth, it was yoga that helped ground me and calm my anxious mind. After the unexpected loss of my mother this summer, it is yoga that is helping quiet the mind and provide comfort. Yoga is more than just a workout, and while it has transformed my body physically, it is the transformation in mind and spirit that I cherish most.

I'm now a regular in the 5:30am hot yoga class, and I'm just a few classes shy of 100 oms, which I'm sure I'll hit before the end of the year. I walked in to Drishtiq simply because it was close to my home, but I never could have imagined the sanctuary that I ended up finding. I hope to make it to 200 oms next year, and only wish others could find yoga as it has found me. To you all, I say, namaste!

Lisa Tierney


Shortly after DRISHTIQ opened in 2013 I started my yoga journey. I had no idea how yoga would change and improve my outlook on exercising. I only saw yoga as a way to exercise, get in shape and lose weight.

At first I was intimidated coming to DRISTHTIQ, mostly by being one of the older students in class and not being able to move like most. Once I started really listening to the instructors and doing what they were teaching by encouraging to be present on your mat, surrender to your body and do what feels good for you, did I realize that yoga is more than exercise.  I started to listen to my breath to guide me, slow my poses down till I felt strong and comfortable, rest when needed and enjoy moving.

 I find each DRISHTIQ instructor brings their own uniqueness to class and for that I love the variety, their passion, humor and music. They are welcoming, committed to their student’s practice and for that it is teaching me that yoga has so many benefits. It is a community that helps me to enjoy yoga, challenges myself to live a balanced life. It is spiritual and healing at times, really hard at times and joyful too. 

Thanks to the DRISHTIQ community, I have found that yoga is something I will do forever because of the physical and mental wellbeing it gives me. DRISHTIQ is teaching me so much that I look forward to coming to my mat as much as possible. I also have found the confidence to practice yoga while travelling and proud to share about my hometown studio.  Yoga came in to my life for many reasons and I continue to see the benefits, challenges and grateful for those who are on my journey with me.

Jeana Olszewski

20180720_182612_1532125598821 (1).jpg

My yoga journey began about 8 years ago after I ran the Chicago Marathon. I was proud to have accomplished my goal, but I was burnt out from all the time, effort and thinking that had gone into training.  I tried making new playlists, bought new shoes and ate more protein bars. Nothing worked and within a few months of being bored and uninspired, I knew what I had to do: Break up with running. After saying goodbye, I began to look around at other options, feeling certain that nothing would compare to the love I once had for running.  I am a Montessori educator, and at the time there was a parent in my class that taught hot yoga. She invited me and a coworker to come and try a class at her studio.  There were multiple levels of yoga classes offered. My friend and I both thought we were in pretty good shape, so we signed right up for the advanced flow that our student’s mom taught. How difficult could it be, right? It was “just yoga”. Of course, we got whipped in that class! We left feeling both exhausted and exhilarated, and we were hooked.

     I followed that teacher to Drishtiq and became a member immediately. When I started doing yoga, I would make the challenging classes a priority and would not work the restorative or gentle flows into my schedule. A few years ago, I got deeper into my practice and realized it wasn’t just about getting whipped every class (which is still awesome!), but it is about finding a balance and recognizing the gifts that a gentle flow can bring. The variety of classes allows me to do what is best for my body and spirit on any given day.

    Although my yoga journey did not start with Drishtiq, it certainly is where I have embraced it, and it has brought more to my life than just a physical practice. Being a mom of four and working full time, I don’t always get to volunteer or do service for the community as much as I would like. The community class on Sundays fills my heart. It allows me to support the current teachers in training (aren’t they awesome for taking the challenge on?!!) and the money raised from the donations goes to Project Yoga, which provides yoga to communities that are in need. I love that Drishtiq is part of a broader network that serves, and that we as students can be a part of it.

    Lastly, I have to acknowledge my sweet family as an important part of my journey. They absolutely get it when I bolt out the door right before or after dinner and they let me go guilt free. THAT is an amazing gift! I am so fortunate and grateful to have a family at home that encourages me to go, and a family at Drishtiq that embraces me when I get there. I look forward to all the blessings I know this yoga journey will continue to bring.


mason girls golf.jpg

Junior year. Basically every high schooler’s hardest year. College visits, ACT, SAT, APs, etc. I actually have to start thinking about how to be an adult. At least I can drive! On top of all of this, I play on the varsity golf team. Playing golf after sitting in school for 7 hours is not ideal. It’s tight and uncomfortable. But you know what does help? Yoga!

Yoga stretches are incredibly beneficial for golfers. Simple poses, such as Triangle or Down Dog, help stretch my calves, hamstrings, back, and shoulders.  Being flexible is so important for a golf swing. Ever since I started working at DRISHTIQ and taking classes, I’ve noticed my flexibility improve greatly. So has my golf coach! Yoga has opened my hips and allowed me to rotate fully through my golf swing.

Stretching isn’t the only thing I’ve learned from yoga. Different breathing exercises have allowed me to calm my mind when I get stressed during the game. I can feel myself relaxing as I breathe in and out after a bad hole.

So if you’re having trouble with the smoothness of your swing or getting in the right mindset for a game of golf, head to DRISHTIQ and take a yoga class. You’ll be surprised to see how much just one class can help!

Nicole Johnson

I am busy Mason mom of three, amazing kids and have always enjoyed working out. I was a collegiate swimmer and after having kids, I tried every type of workout from kickboxing to running a marathon. I never even thought about doing yoga...that wasn't for me.

But after years of hard cardio, I needed a change. Many of my friends did yoga so I gave it a try and have loved it ever since! I used to only go to the Hot Vinyasa classes (and they are still my favorite) but I now also really enjoy Morning Mediation, Warm Vinyasa, and Lunchtime Express. Yoga has increased my flexibility, strengthened my core, and built my upper body strength. It has also been an amazing tool for stress management and achieving mindfulness. 

I'm so grateful for Drishtiq and their excellent instructors! 

Family NYE2017 (1).jpg

sarah stephens

My yoga journey started about 10 years ago when I signed up for a class in college as an elective. At the time, I figured it would be an easy A. Just another box to check as I got closer to graduation, but it didn't take long for me to fall in love with the practice. A competitive gymnast for most of my life, I was surprised at how similar some of the poses were to the strength training and conditioning I used to do.

  And let’s face it, I was pretty excited when I realized I could still do a split and backbends after being out of the sport for quite a while. I might not have been able to hold a handstand as long, but hey, I still had it! This “epiphany” peaked my interest and kept me coming back. I felt a sense of accomplishment because I was still able to practice many of the same skills that I had done day after day for so many years. I had found strength, flexibility, balance, agility, endurance and control again through yoga.


For a long time, yoga was nothing more than a workout to me. I practiced off and on at different studios and gyms but never stuck with it, until I found and joined Drishtiq in July 2017. Over this past year my practice has evolved into more than just an exercise routine. Yoga has become a way for me to not only feel physically strong but emotionally grounded. Don’t get me wrong, I still love those hard to hold arm balances and attempting to contort my body into funky positions, but I keep practicing for peace in times of chaos, for mental clarity in times doubt and for the connection I gain with myself each time I step on my mat. It’s been a way for me to break down my barriers and push me past my limits to find a different kind of strength.

  I didn’t find yoga during a tough time or because a life altering event. I found yoga to fill a void I didn’t realize I had. It has been a long and winding road, with a few bumps here and there but it has been beautiful. I'm grateful to have found such a wonderful place to evolve my practice and continue my journey for years to come.



In 2015, at age 54, I tried yoga (hot power flow) for the very first time and loved it!  Not only had I never sweat so much in my entire life, but I really enjoyed the workout.  That’s when I started incorporating yoga into my regular exercise routine.  Years of running, boot camps and fitness classes left me feeling increasingly sore and achey.  Yoga sure doesn’t.  It makes me feel my best, both physically and emotionally. That’s why in 2017, I made it my primary form of exercise.  Added bonus…my husband, John, loves yoga too!  We try to practice together as much as possible.

One of the things I love most about doing yoga at Drishtiq, aside from how good it makes me feel, is that each practice can be what I need it to be for that day.  There’s no judgement.  Just do what you can do, and that’s good enough.  It’s an amazing workout, never the same, challenging, relaxing, introspective, builds confidence and flexibility, and it’s just plain fun! 

Every time I practice yoga with the wonderful Drishtiq instructors, I take away something that they’ve taught me or some wisdom they’ve imparted, and I try to incorporate that into my everyday life and each practice going forward.  I am so thankful to have found this studio!  I truly appreciate the warmth, the sense of community, the instruction, and the friendships that I hope will last a long, long time.

Outside of yoga, I work part-time as a licensed assistant to a financial advisor.  I’m a mom and a grandmother and hopefully a dog-mom (again) sometime soon.

Nicholle Taylor

image_uploaded_from_ios (1).jpg

After many years of an on again off again relationship with yoga, one of my best friends recommended getting serious about my practice.  The suggestion came after a particularly difficult period at work - my stress levels were high, I was tired all the time and I didn't feel good in my body.  After reading a ton of reviews I decided to try out the DRISHTIQ studio as a new year's resolution, but woke up on Dec 22nd 2016 wondering what was magical about January 1st and decided I should start that day.  I wandered into a Thursday morning flow class and was instantly reminded of why yoga is so fantastic.  I felt amazing!  My head was clear, my shoulders relaxed for likely the first time in months, and I could breathe.

Over the next twelve months, I made it my priority to get into any class that fit my schedule.  Sometimes that meant I was at a gentle class at 7p at night, and other days I was yin-yanging with Deb at 9am in the morning.  Before I knew it, my name was added to the 100 om list, then the 200 list.  As a frequent business traveler, and out of town a minimum of four days each week, I began to miss my practice while away.  When I discovered the virtual and recorded classes, I bought a pair of Yoga Paws and started practicing in my hotel rooms. 

Over time, I felt my body getting stronger.  I started attending the guided meditation sessions to elp me hone in on mindfulness.  Both the increased strength and focus on my mental state gave me confidence - I started dabbling in warm classes, then hot.  I lost 15 lbs that year with no other changes to my diet - primarily because my stress levels were back in a normal range.  I've recently added journaling and use the Headspace app to help with meditation when I travel.  When in class, I really listen to the guidance the teachers provide, and do my best to take the lessons out of the studio into my life.

To say yoga has helped me is a massive understatement.  I am more centered, I am stronger, I'm a better boss and a better mom.  I cant say enough how much my practice, and all of the amazing instructors I've had the privilege of working, with have done for me. 

Kylara Lee

I fell in love with hot yoga years ago. I used to take evening classes at a large gym - where I would save my place by putting down my mat early or risk not getting in. I didn't mind because I didn't have kids and I had the free time. Fast-forward 4 years later, where I'm now a full-time working mother of 3-year-old twin boys and a 20 month old little girl. I had sacrificed my health and love for yoga for the sake of spending all of my free time with my kids. Queue the mom guilt! I couldn't justify working 8 to 5 and then putting the kids in childcare at the gym while I worked out. They are only little for a short time! But I also realized that I was sick of feeling stuck and sick of missing yoga. So I looked around for a local studio. I came across Drishtiq. It was only an 8 minute drive AND jackpot - they had yoga every weekday at noon! I work from home so I could easily replace my lunch hour with yoga, and eat a quick meal at my desk. It was perfect - I had an opportunity to take care of myself and do something I love without sacrificing the evenings with my kids!

  Drishtiq is a godsend! The teachers are all amazing people and instructors. I love their style. I always feel amazing during and after a class. I've been able to go almost every day of the week since my first class on Christmas eve of 2017...And I'm so grateful to have found some an amazing studio right around the corner. I tell my friends and colleagues that when I go to yoga, it feels like a combination of a spa day, workout, massage, and physical therapy all in one!

  The ambiance, lighting, music, atmosphere, attitude of the teachers and students, and everything about Drishtiq keeps me coming back for more. I really feel like Drishtiq is helping me to become a better me. I can't wait to make it to 100 ohms, and if I'm lucky, 200 in 2018!

Side note: After having twins, I was diagnosed with diastasis recti (separation of the ab muscles) with a 7 finger width gap. I looked pregnant after eating anything at all! I worked with a physical therapist to close the gap as much as possible. My therapist released me with a couple small restrictions for some poses - all of which the instructors have taught me how to work around with alternatives poses so I don't compromise the weakness in my core. If you have an injury or problem area - don't shy away, instead talk with the instructors and they can teach you ways to work around your issues so you can still enjoy your practice! It's liberating to know that injuries don't have to hold you back.

kylara (1).png


My first yoga mat was used for sitting on the floor while eating (I lived in Tokyo for a year), but it eventually became a mat for stretching, which then led me to the occasional online yoga video by the time I started medical school at The Ohio State University. Finally, as a fourth year student I joined Drishtiq Yoga, the studio closest to my home in Liberty Township, and began to see the benefits and joys of a consistent yoga practice in a welcoming community. I felt more at home in my own skin. Learning about the wonders of the human body from the perspective of modern medicine in America is fascinating (and necessary), but yoga became a way to also explore Eastern views of health and wellness. This desire to learn more led me to pursue teacher training. I hope that seeing the human body from both schools of thought will not only make me a better yoga instructor, but also a better doctor. Although I plan to pursue my residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology outside Ohio, it's only a matter of time before I return home to be near family. In addition to medicine and yoga, I love musicals, playing piano, and traveling.



I began my yoga journey 3 years ago with Drishtiq. It all started with crossing something off my "Bucket List" which was to run in a half marathon. I succeeded in running the Columbus half marathon, but it took a major toll on my body. Afterwards, I wasn't able to participate as well in a lot of my usual workouts. A few months later, my husband surprised me on my 50th birthday with a 30-day trial membership at Drishtiq. I had toyed with the idea of yoga in the past but mistakenly thought that it would not be a challenging enough workout. Boy, was I wrong! I have always enjoyed physically demanding exercise and the way my body felt afterward. Yoga gives you so much more than just an amazing workout. The mental peace and clarity that goes along with it is equally (if not more) important to me. As a Physical Therapist working with children, I am able to blend many aspects of yoga into my sessions with my kiddos and they LOVE it! I have been honored to witness many of my yogi friends go through teacher training here at Drishtiq and begin their journey teaching others. Who knows.... maybe someday I will follow in their footsteps:)

Peace, peace, beautiful peace.



It has now been over 2 years since I found  Drishtiq Yoga and yoga found me. Looking back at my yoga journey, I cannot imagine getting through moving our family if I didn't find that place on my yoga mat. "That place" changes daily for me. Sometimes I need acceptance, gratefulness, mindfulness. While other days it's finding comfort in uncomfortable situations and knowing I can breathe my way through them. Yoga has done more than help tone my physical body, it has helped me grow as a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. The benefits have been so plentiful that I've started involving my family in my practice. My husband will do yoga with me at home and I've started to bring my daughter to class. I believe yoga is such a wonderful gift to share for overall wellness and I can only hope others take the time to try it out and not pass judgment like I did years ago. Nowadays you can find me in any given class, on any given day. Non-heated, warm, hot, yin and the occasional restorative's not about intensity but about listening to my body, observing and giving it what it needs on that particular day. And the best news is...I have so much more to learn and I look forward to enriching my practice for years to come!



My husband, Bret, and I moved to Ohio in 2016 from Nashville, TN. 

I am an 8th grade science teacher at Hopewell Junior school, the wife to a law student, an avid Walt Disney World traveler, a yoga teacher in training, and a dog mom to two old rescue pups. I began practicing yoga in 2012. My first yoga class began with what I thought was a "walk to get coffee" alongside 3 of my college roommates and ended with 60 minutes of Ashtanga Yoga. I was never much of an exerciser outside of warming the bench for teammates, so it had become the longtime goal amongst my friends to get me to step foot into a gym. 

When they successfully tricked me into walking to our college's "recplex" instead of our typical trip to the coffee shop to avoid homework, I decided to humor them and agreed to stay for the yoga class. During that first practice, I felt a deep connection with my breath and how it allowed my mind to focus on the present moment rather than my typical web of worries that would spin itself in times of stillness, ( I even forgot that I was exercising J). After that practice, I floated out the door trying to soak up every feeling I experienced on that mat. I was totally hooked!

Drishtiq has quickly become my 2nd home, a place where my physical and mental body can find peace, balance, and rest. I am currently participating in Drishtiq's 200HR yoga teacher training and am excited to share my love of yoga with this community!



My yoga journey began my freshman year at UC when I enrolled in a fundamentals class. The class allowed me to gain the basics, however I did not quite see how yoga fit into my life until I was in grad school. While studying for my masters in Speech-Language Pathology, my practice evolved and I looked forward to sweating out the stress of school at local hot classes. After I graduated, I moved to Centerville where I didn't know anyone! To my surprise, I found a studio close to me that offered hot power classes called Ignite Yoga where I began practicing regularly. What I found at Ignite was so much more than can be expressed through words- community, empowerment, and knowledge to name a few. After the passing of my father later that year, I found myself coming to my mat in need of heart openers and conscious breathing. The women at Ignite held so much space for others, including myself and for that, I am ever grateful.

After moving back to Cincinnati, I began practicing at Drishtiq where I found that same sense of community. These days I am an avid 4:30er as it allows me to transition after work before I go home to my soon to be husband! I've learned so much about myself, encountered some of the most inspiring yogis and have grown during this journey. I can't wait to see what's in store next!



 I have practiced yoga on and off throughout my life in small spurts, but my yoga journey really started in earnest after the passing of my youngest brother. I was struggling to manage my grief, my career as an engineer, and the responsibilities to my family. I had a 1 year old and a 3 year old at the time and they needed so much attention that it was hard to find any time for myself. My extremely supportive husband Matt encouraged me to start with the new student pass at Drishtiq and challenged me to go at least 7 times in the first month. That was a turning point for me. Regular weekly practices have helped my body recover from having two kids and my mind recover from grief and anxiety. The community at Drishtiq is wonderful and I feel at home every time I enter the studio. I am passing my love for yoga on to my girls who are now 4 and 6 years old. I am hoping it will serve them as well as it has served me. I am still trying to convince my husband to try it. Someday I will prevail! :)


Jill Moberly

I am a 6th grade math teacher in Mason, a wife, and a mother to an 11-year old daughter.  I have always been an active person. A few years ago, my great friend Amy Kreider introduced me to yoga as she was embarking on her teacher training.  I was hooked from my first class.

Yoga is so much more to me than just exercise. It has calmed my mind and helped me remember what is important. I enjoy learning new poses and challenging myself. I have shared my love of yoga with many friends and enjoy teaching poses to my students at school. I am so excited to know that I will be able to continue my yoga journey for many, many years.



I began my yoga journey this past January. After 10 years of college, my last four spent in dental school, and the last year of that spent taking multiple board exams, I decided to enter a residency. I moved back to West Chester from Chicago and was driving to Dayton everyday to work at the VA hospital.  After I had settled back at home and realizing just how much all of the constant stress from the last few years was affecting my life and my ability to manage my PCOS, I knew I needed to make a change. Yoga was something that kept popping up in my searches of what I could do. So I searched for yoga studios and came upon Drishtiq's site. I dragged my best friend with me to the studio and we signed up for the student month.

After that first month, I was able to notice a major change in my stress level, I was much happier and I was getting stronger with each class.  I felt like I was growing in learning about myself and finding a new way to manage my PCOS and day-to-day stress. I had started with the fundaments of yoga class, I learned so much about breath control and ways to release tension from my body, that I found myself just taking a minute to just breathe during difficult procedures. From there I decided to try warm classes and the yoga flow class hoping to further my practice.  After one particularly hard day at work, I walked into my Tuesday evening Yoga Flow class, something about that particular class after that particular day, had me driving home crying from the sheer amount of stress I was able to let go.

Katie Riesenberg.jpg


Hi there, my name is Andy Roubidoux. My wife and I moved to Ohio about two and a half years ago from Calgary, Alberta. We don't have any kids, but we do have a Great Pyrenees that is roughly the size of a fourth grader.

Outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, mountaineering, and cycling have always been an important part of my life. I have been rock climbing for nearly 20 years and have always considered climbing a great way to clear my mind, stay fit, and explore the beautiful outdoors. Climbing, for me, is a form of moving meditation that allows me to clear my mind and achieve balance.

My yoga journey began about six months ago when my wife and I took a class at another studio in the Cincinnati area. I was hesitant at first because I didn't think yoga would provide any benefits to my climbing and that it was just a bunch of "stretching" - I was never much of a "stretcher" after working out. However, I couldn't have been more wrong! After that first class I felt great and was hooked. The very next day I Googled "Yoga studios Mason" and Drishtiq was first on the list. Needless to say, I drove over, purchased the New Student membership, and the rest is history. Yoga has been a great compliment to climbing and my life and I can't believe I waited so long to start my yoga journey.

 I am so happy I took that first yoga class and even happier that I found Drishtiq. Drishtiq is great place to practice and learn about yoga. 



I am married with three children; 18, 16 and 13yo. I am also a physician and own my own medical practice. I started practicing yoga in 2000 after the birth of my second child when I thought I may never leave the house again without help. I started getting up at 6am to do yoga with John Ross on the Oprah channel. I had always played sports and worked out but between work and motherhood I had little time to do the physical activity that I enjoyed. As the kids got older and my love of yoga grew, I started going to yoga studios. I found that I loved yoga's ability to destress and center me as well as balance my triathlon training and keep my aging body limber and healthy. I wanted to learn more about yoga so I completed the Baptiste 200 hour RYT training. I use it to teach family and friends and deepen my own practice.  I am very thankful for finding such a wonderful community in Drishtiq. The people, the energy and the practice feel like home. Thank you Drishtiq!

Tricia Croake-Uleman


I started my yoga journey in Pittsburgh about 9 years ago after the birth of my twin daughters. I was running about 5 miles a day pushing a double baby stroller and started to experience significant knee pain. I have always hated the cold weather and since it was winter I thought I would give Hot Yoga a try. I enjoyed yoga but the instructors and studio were not for me. When I moved to Cincy I tried Yoga Ohm for a while but the studio was too far from my home and with two young daughters I could not make it work. When Drishtiq opened about 4 years ago it was perfect for me, great instructors, a wonderful yoga community, close to home, and good class times. I have been at Drishtiq ever since and loving my yoga journey. I have learned to enjoy the early morning classes and feel empowered after starting my day with yoga. My daughters have recently started taking yoga classes at Drishtiq and I love sharing my passion for yoga with them. We also enjoy the virtual yoga and often do yoga classes together in our family room. I hope the empowerment and self acceptance that I have gained through my yoga journey will be something that I can give to my daughters. Thank you to the entire Drishtiq yoga community, I love you all! Namaste      -Kathleen

Kathleen McDonough


My name is Lisa Abernathy and I started my journey to yoga 1 1/2 years ago. I took a six week introductory class at a studio and liked yoga but wasn’t able to commit. I had a very tough year after loosing my mother and becoming a caregiver for my elderly father. I was anxious, stressed and dealing with a number of unresolved family issues. I told my doctor about my difficulties which included insomnia and a number of other physical symptoms. He recommended yoga. I talked to several people about their yoga practice and the Drishtiq studio kept coming up in conversations. The people said so many good things about the teachers, studio and the welcoming atmosphere. I decided to give it a try. I immediately felt welcomed and accepted for my abilities.

I have been attending classes regularly for the last year. In November I took the 20 Namaste challenge and began to understand that while yoga certainly allows for increased strength and flexibility, it is also about a mind body connection. I recently told my husband that the one place I can always find peace is on my yoga mat. I’m proud of my increased strength, mindfulness and better sleep patterns. I am currently working toward the 100 Namaste challenge and am thankful that I found such a wonderful studio to help me continue on my journey.

Lisa Abernathy


Sometime ago my life’s journey started from India, in the city of Bombay (now known as Mumbai).Through my journey I have played many sports like volleyball, table tennis, cricket, badminton, billiards,squash, tennis and of course yoga. Currently I am doing weight training and tennis on a regular basis. After my tennis matches my body demanded more and more recovery time. One fine morning after my meditation I thought of yoga. I remember it was Sunday. Like everyone else I Googled yoga in Mason.To my surprise five yoga studio listings came up! Drishtiq was one of them. It caught my eye. Drishtiq in Indian language means “sights”. Drishtiq was the only studio which  had morning 5.30 classes.My kind of a place.I took 30 day unlimited yoga sessions  and never looked back. The biggest change I noticed was my recovery time after tennis was reduced to hours then days.My breathing improved, body was more flexible. I was calm during and in between tennis points.Yoga is game changer. I found YOGA as the missing link for wellness.” I love all the teachers. It feels that am traveling to different country there is a different pace, flavor and effort. In the end all is good. The word of year – ” SILENCE “


Deepak Shah


Hello, my name is Nicole and I’m the mother of 3 very active children, and a wife to a husband Spencer.  My son is 14, and my 2 daughters are 12 and 9. Between the 3 of them, I have 2 year round swimmers, a cross country and track runner, a club soccer player and a club and middle school volleyball player. In addition to doing yoga, I enjoy cycling, weight lifting and moderate running. Surprisingly with our busy lifestyle, my yoga journey began a year and a half ago.

While out for a run a little over a year ago, I had started to notice that my knee was hurting on the side. At first I just thought it was my I.T band, so I tried to roll it as much as possible. Soon the pain started below my knee and it was becoming more of a “sharp” pain. It got to the point where I knew once I hit the 2 mile point my knee was going to start hurting, but I continued on until I hit my goal of 3 or 4 miles and I continued to ignore it.  It got to the point where I couldn’t run past 2 miles, running became less fun, and even eventually one day I could barely get to one mile, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to walk back home. I realized instead of ignoring the pain, I had to see a doctor. The pain was so bad, I had myself convinced something was seriously wrong (I was fearing the worst). X-Rays didn’t show that anything was broken, so I was sent to have an MRI. When I went back to see my doctor for the results, I feared I’d hear the word “surgery”, or you need to “rest” for a certain amount of time; however, I heard that my knee was in excellent condition (great…..I made a big deal out of the pain and my doctor probably thinks I’m imagining things).  My doctor also informed me I had the knee of a healthy teenager (so now I’m thinking I’ve completely lost it). My doctor went on to tell me I needed to stretch more.  It never dawned on me that stretching could’ve led to the amount of sharp pain I was feeling in my knee.

I started taking a yin class at my gym, and really enjoyed the calm, quiet environment, and some of the stretching poses, like dragon and pigeon.  I felt I wanted to have more of the yoga studio feel, so I joined Dristiq and quickly became addicted to yoga. I try and fit yoga into my schedule 3-5 times a week. I enjoy taking different classes, as well as different yoga teachers, as it keeps yoga fresh for me. I’ve come to really enjoy the warm classes as I feel I get a better stretch. Yoga has not only helped my aching knee, it’s also helped me relax my mind more, and has helped my breathing when I run and spin.  Yoga is something I do for myself to take time out of my families very busy schedule.  I’m happy I’ve found yoga and wish I found it sooner. I also hope to get my kids and husband in the studio more, but so far only my youngest seems to want to join me when she’s able to. Thank you to all the Dristiq yoga teachers the last year on my yoga journey!




Hello! My husband and I walk quite a bit, and we also love to hike in state and national parks. Over the years I’ve begun to have issues with soreness in my knees so when I retired as an elementary teacher two years ago I began looking for some new activities. I had driven by Drishtiq many many times, but it took me awhile to work up my courage to actually come inside the studio. My husband kept encouraging me to try yoga. When I saw the sign on the door “No Flexibility Required” I thought it would be safe to give yoga a try. You see, I’ve never been athletic so I wasn’t confident in my physical ability to do the poses. However, much to my surprise, I felt comfortable right from the first class I took here fifteen months go. All of the instructors have made me feel that I can do this. They’ve been so knowledgeable and unfailingly supportive. I sure have room for improvement but that’s part of the allure of yoga-to continue to grow and push myself. I now feel stronger and more self-confident both physically and emotionally. Yoga has helped me to realize that I need to accept my body the way it is at that moment.

I took part in the November 20 Namastes Challenge. That experience has really opened my eyes to what a journey yoga is. I now see that it’s about the continuing practice that matters-not the end result. I feel so calm and peaceful after a yoga class. It really helps my body and mind relax. I know it’s important to take time for myself to recharge. It has certainly helped me be able to keep up with my two little granddaughters that I watch two days a week!

I really appreciate everyone at Drishtiq helping me through their thoughtful and kind words and actions. It’s such a welcoming community. I only wish I’d opened the door to the studio sooner!



I resisted stretching and any type of yoga my whole life. I went through several phases of extreme sports. I spent years as a marathon/half-runner and never ever stretched. I tried to spend every minute running not stretching. I also went through phases of spinning and even did P90X and Tae Bo in extreme amounts. With each phase I never stretched and never felt mentally at peace. I loved the challenge and the rush from completing a strenuous workout.

Last August our daughter, Kennedy, moved to Boston for college. I was so sad! As a school counselor and care taker of many, I swallowed my feelings and continued to support others. I ate to comfort my aching heart. I quit exercising because I felt so uncomfortable and out of shape. I gained more weight than ever before. When Kennedy came home from school in the summer she encouraged me to join her and try yoga. I would do anything to spend time with my sweet girl so of course I agreed and began attending classes at Drishtiq this past June. After my first class I couldn’t believe how physically challenged I was and how mentally at peace I was! I had never felt so incredible!!! I was most awkward with the poses. However, all of the teachers would come and correct, encourage and support me. In each class I felt like I learned something new and grew stronger and more confident on my mat. I began to meet some of the amazing people that surrounded me. I was most impressed by their courage, kindness, strength and determination. Kennedy and I attended classes almost every day all summer long. When Kennedy left again this fall for school I had to decide if I was going to continue my journey without her…I chose to stay at Drishtiq and challenge myself further.

I now attend at least six classes a week. My husband, Scott, and son, Carter, are most supportive of my yoga practice and love seeing the joy it brings to my life! I am learning and growing thanks to the love and support of compassionate teachers and loving classmates. I am reading books and articles to grow in knowledge as well. I am proud to say that I have lost most of the weight I gained last year. I am back to wearing my smaller clothes and have never felt better! The best part of yoga is learning to believe in myself and my ability to take risks both on the mat and in life. I am taking risks and finding new adventures daily! I feel more empowered to breathe through moments of stress as I practice what I learn at Drishtiq.   I can’t wait to get on my mat every day! I feel so blessed to practice at such an amazing studio surrounded by such dedicated teachers! I hope to be able to give back the gift that has been given to me in yoga. I plan to utilize these techniques and provide some yoga instruction in the future to the students in my building. Maybe in the future I will even consider the teacher training course. I am so grateful for the gifts of yoga, my mat, Drishtiq and Kennedy-who helped me to begin my journey. I look forward to sharing many future classes with my new yoga friends at Drishtiq! Namaste!


Kelly Carstens


I’m an assistant professor of English at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College, and I’ve lived in the area for about two years now.

I’ve turned to yoga various times over the years when I’ve been feeling extra stressed or down. While I worked on my dissertation during graduate school at Virginia Tech, I found a studio that I loved, but then I moved away from the area after I finished my PhD.

I didn’t practice for a few years, but then I stared coming to Drishtiq in January 2016 with the usual influx of post-holiday exercisers, and I haven’t looked back since. A huge thank you to the wonderful, caring teachers at Drishtiq for this!

I’ve never really considered myself to be very fit. But through yoga, I’ve been gaining confidence in what my body can do. In fact, I recently began doing some strength training to help me get stronger for my yoga practice (watch out crow pose – I’m coming for you!).

My wonderful husband Tim has helped me prioritize taking time for myself and my yoga practice (something that I sometimes have found very difficult to do!). And I’m a dog mom to a hilarious and neurotic little Yorkie mix, Zoey, who teaches me every day to be present and enjoy life. Plus, her downward dog technique is superb!

Libby Anthony


In 2010 the yoga studio I went to for R.I.P.P.E.D classes (which I LOVED & later become a R.I.P.P.E.D instructor) finally drew me in & I got my courage up to take a class. I liked it… it did wonders for me but I didn’t feel like I loved it. Fast forward to 2013 a friend (my now sister-in-law) recommended I take a hot yoga class at another studio. I did & was absolutely hooked! Within 3 months I’d become a trade (cleaning studio 1hr/wk for monthly membership at the studio) so I even got 1 on 1 instructor time before & after classes. In mid 2015 when I moved to Liberty Township from NKY I was so, so sad. The studio was just too far to drive for classes. I tried Drishtiq once then sulked in missing my old studio for about 4 months or so but I missed yoga…. I needed yoga!!! I walked into another class at Drishtiq & it was good, then another & it was heaven. It was Amy Kreider’s class. She felt familiar. I instantly knew that I had found my new hOMe. Yoga keeps me sane because it gets me out of my own head…. The brain is the hardest part of the body for me to shut down. My way of practicing yoga off of my mat is by being kind, and being sincere. Smile & say hello. Appreciate the little things.

Jules Cahill


“Yoga was definitely an asset to our team’s preseason workouts.  The softball players, who had been working out in the form of  weights and cardio conditioning for months, were surprised by the amount of strength and endurance it took to get through a yoga practice.   They all commented about how challenging their classes were but also how great they felt after.  The technique of learning to use their breath through movements is something they use through all types of exercise.  By far their favorite class was the restorative as their bodies were very sore from all the strength training we were doing as a group.  We will definitely incorporate yoga into our pre-season workouts earlier next year and more often!”  – Lian Muff, Varsity Softball Coach, Mason High School

“On a trip to an all-star event with 2 of my players, I asked them whether they thought the yoga experience was beneficial to them and they both said, “without a doubt!” They went on to explain how in the past, their bodies and especially their legs felt worn out at the end of the season but this season, they felt so much more relaxed and refreshed. Yoga, without a doubt, allowed the players to maximize their mind and body and helped us reach the state championship game.” Rob Matula, Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, Mason High School.

Mason Athletes


I was doing Crossift for over 4 years.  I loved the community, achieving personal records and feeling strong, but I was beginning to feel sore and achy.  I was worried about being injured.   A friend who I used to do crossfit with, Brad, switched over to yoga.  He kept telling how he wasn’t sore anymore and loved the community and felt he was getting a great workout. He encouraged me go with him to Drishtiq for a couple classes.   At those classes, my neighbor and now good friend Melanie was there.   She also kept asking when was I going to go to yoga again.   I started doing both crossfit and yoga for a month to make sure that I would love yoga…and I did! I made the switch to Yoga.   Now, I still feel strong, love the community, and my body and my mind feels so much better.

I absolutely love the gratitude and peace I feel when I am doing yoga. Yoga has helped me mentally too.   At my age (57 years young), I have found a great workout and community that deeply impacts all three parts of myself:   physically, mentally and spiritually!

Jody Koch


I started taking yoga at Drishtiq only about 6 months ago.  For several years I have been experiencing back and leg pain. Prior to joining Drishtiq, I lost a lot of weight and did so by lifting weights, running, and watching my diet.  The weight loss changed my life, but unfortunately, my legs and back continued to hurt. My legs seemed always tight and sore. I couldn’t touch my toes in a forward fold.

After starting yoga, I started to notice changes in my body. I wasn’t as sore and I was sleeping better at night. I noticed that I was getting more flexible and could finally touch my toes! I can’t believe the difference and I wish I had started yoga years ago! Now, I attend class 4-5 days a week and practice at home as well. I start every day with a few sun salutations, and end every day with a few hip stretches.

Attending class helps me focus on myself and listen to my body.  The instructors at Drishtiq are wonderful and have taught me so much. I am still a beginner, but the difference in the way I feel is incredible. Yoga has become a very important part of my life!

Donna Kirch


I began doing yoga about five years ago. I was searching for a group fitness aerobics class. At my exercise facility none were available, so I tried yoga. I liked it immediately. At first I enjoyed the physical benefits of strength and flexibility that yoga provided, but the more I practiced I began to appreciate the spiritual and emotional aspects of yoga. When I leave a yoga class I feel energized and renewed. Very surprising to me was the benefits of the breathing techniques. I often use them to calm and relax myself during stressful situations. Because of the fitness benefits, I am able to participate in many recreational activities. Yoga has also helped me appreciate the many blessings I have in my life.

Once I joined Drishtiq I began practicing more often because of the welcoming atmosphere of the studio, the instructors, and the participants. I enjoy the variety and availability of the classes and really appreciate the warm room temperatures. All of the instructors are very knowledgeable, helpful, supportive, encouraging, and inspiring. With their help I have improved and expanded my practice.

I just celebrated my 60th birthday, but feel much younger. Yoga is an important part of my life which I plan on continuing for a very long time!

Cindy Domis


Like many, I’ve tried several forms of exercise over the years and even practiced yoga for a while about 20 years ago.  Fast forward to 2012 when a friend mentioned that there were fitness classes taking place at the Children’s Theater of Mason.  This is where I met Kim Dawes—I was actually one of her guinea pigs while she was going through yoga teacher training 🙂  Needless to say, I was hooked and have been practicing ever since.

It’s amazing how often I find myself using the things that I’ve learned from the wonderful teachers here.  Simple things like breathing techniques, restorative poses or using essential oils have become daily routines. I love that everyone is encouraged to honor themselves and feel comfortable with wherever they’re at on their yoga journey.  There’s no judging, no competition, no body image to compare to.  I’m sure that’s why there’s such a diverse group of people that attend classes—individualism is stressed☺  There is a true feeling of community here and I’ve met some great people I now consider friends.

Missy Iannelli


En garde, advance, parry… In 2006, my 12 year old son and I donned fencing gear and began our adventure of exploring new experiences. Through fencing, we realized we were doing yoga moves for warm up and decided to explore Yoga as our next adventure. Quickly, we both became fans of the physical and mental benefits of yoga and the positive impact it had on our relationship as well as other areas of our lives…Over the last few months at Drishtiq, I have experienced yoga as a practice of release, acceptance, discovery, and vulnerability.  Rediscovering trust in myself as well as continuing to explore new experiences …. warm, hot, meditation, moving from doing yoga to practicing me through yoga. Oh so the cycle of life….en garde, advance, parry….yoga through fencing… Fencing through yoga. Drishtiq is a warm and welcoming community inviting each of us wherever we are in our practice. A beautiful studio and team of yogis create the atmosphere to explore. Thank you to each of you for the gift you give with what you are and do. Namaste!

Becky Wilson


I started doing yoga about a year ago. I wanted to do something physical but knew a “jumping around” class wasn’t going to be for me. I called Drishtiq one day (after driving by the studio about 50 times!) to obtain some information on the classes, what to expect, etc. and decided to give it a try. I really enjoyed my first class and have continued to take different classes with different instructors ever since. Everyone has a unique teaching style so it keeps it interesting as well as challenging.

Since I began yoga, my energy level and strength have increased. There are various poses that I am still unable to do but I’m motivated to master these poses someday soon to feel an even greater sense of accomplishment. If I’m having a stressful day, I log onto the website to see if there’s a class I can take to help calm my nerves. I know when I leave yoga, I always feel so much more relaxed and centered.

We have a fitness center at work so some of the mat work I do over lunch parallels some of the exercises at yoga such as the planks and core work.

Drishtiq has so many great instructors – I think I’ve taken classes from the majority of the team and they are all very inspiring, supportive and approachable. I never have a feeling of intimidation when I visit the studio and there’s never any pressure to match the level of the person on the mat next to you. Keep up the great work, Drishtiq!

Este Wolf


I am a runner, averaging 12 to 20 miles per week. Prior to yoga, running was my only form of fitness, and I had terribly tight hamstrings and hips. In addition to being inflexible, my balance was not great. Yoga has eased my tightness caused by running, and has dramatically increased my flexibility and balance. I believe I am a better runner now that I have incorporated yoga into my fitness routine. Two aspects of yoga I never gave thought to prior to my first class are breath and focus. I now use breathing techniques and drishti on a daily basis – at home, at work, and when I am running. I have Drishtiq to thank for my love of yoga. I feel stronger and at peace after each practice. Every instructor is so welcoming and helpful, and I enjoy the variety of classes offered (my favorites are Warm Vinyasa and Hatha Flow). At the end of every class at Drishtiq, I am grateful for the time spent on my mat, and look forward to the next time I get to spend in the studio. Namaste.

Katie Lee


Yoga has definitely changed my life. Not being able to do any sort of exercise was very difficult for me emotionally and yoga has filled that void. I still struggle physically with back & hip issues, but yoga is the one thing that I can do and still be able to walk the next day.

The yoga community at Drishtiq is so wonderful and has been a blessing to me. Everyone I come in contact with is so lovely and supportive! I consider Drishtiq to be part of my family! I am thankful to each and every person there…who knows where I would be without them!

Melanie Heck


When asked if there was anything I wanted to say about Drishtiq I wasn’t even sure where to begin. I’m a big believer in fate and things that are meant to be. Drishtiq has become my yoga family. The one place I can go that I know will bring me peace of mind and acceptance of myself. I have such an admiration for the instructors. I’ve tried and accomplished things I’ve never even imagined doing. I didn’t know it was possible to end a practice with tears in your eyes. That’s what the instructors do for me and that is truly a gift. Drishtiq is where I am meant to be.

Jill Conyers


I have never been a sound sleeper and I usually wake up around 3-4 times per night. I wear a fitness band that tracks my steps and measures my light and sound sleep and the number of times I wake up each night. On average, the amount of light sleep I get each night significantly outweighs the amount of sound sleep I get. However, on the nights I attend the Intro to Restorative Yoga class, my sound sleep is twice the amount of my light sleep and I do not wake up throughout the night. I find that I wake up the morning after attending a Restorative Yoga class refreshed and energized. This class is perfect for someone who needs to take a step back from the daily stress in their life and just relax and re-energize!

Fay Coleman


Yoga has really helped me become a better runner by strengthening my core and stretching my muscles. Prior to yoga, I was more prone to injury and did a poor job stretching properly. Amy Vetter is a fantastic teacher and very in touch with her class. She offers options for poses to accommodate those of all skill levels in her class. With the help of yoga and Amy, I just ran my fastest marathon time!


Jenna McHugh


One year after starting yoga at Drishtiq Yoga and feeling a stronger, more flexible, more stamina, and younger! Lennice has been a wonderful instructor and a constant source of encouragement. I hope to feel even younger in the year ahead. Thank you Lennice and Drishtiq Yoga.

Robin Albus


Yoga has noticeably helped me with a genetic neurological disease that causes acute muscle spasms and imbalance. My balance has improved and my spasms have subsided. My neurologist has recommended I take up the practice for years but I was reluctant due to my limitations. That is until I called and spoke with Lennice! She encouraged me to come in and has been supportive ever since. She taught me my practice is just that, mine! Yoga has allowed me to enjoy a better quality of life both physically and mentally. I’ve also lost weight and gained strength as an added benefit! I am so glad Lennice answered the phone the day I called!

Diane Littick


I started practicing at Drishtiq yoga when it opened. My practice has grown in many ways thanks to the encouragement of all the instructors as well as other clients. It is a warm welcoming community that adds extra fun to your practice. The variety of classes helps you to grow and challenge yourself, always taking you to your edge, no matter what that is on any given day. I love Drishtiq and highly recommend it for everyone, no matter what your level of practice. You will grow in strength and flexibility plus make some new friends!

Therese Currin


Practicing yoga has helped me to realize many of my self imposed limitations and gain a new perspective for what I am capable of. It also has allowed me to grow physically and spiritually in ways that I had not anticipated as well as providing me a place to get centered when life gets chaotic.


Ryan Zollett