Deb Bagley, ERYT-200


Compassion for self, Compassion for Others

My yoga journey began eight years ago with an ashtanga yoga class and I immediately fell in love. I asked myself, “Where has yoga been my whole life?” I have been active in fitness and working out but had never experienced the calm, centered feeling I had after a yoga practice. The physical practice appealed to me in the beginning but within a few weeks I realized there were huge mental/emotional benefits as well. I began to crave the time on my mat and came to understand my strengths, vulnerabilities, and limitations in a very intimate way. I love to experiment with the different styles of yoga and have found that there is so much to offer. By listening to my body on a daily basis I can choose what is best that day and it can be power yoga, yin yoga, a slow flow, or a restorative practice. I love incorporating and sharing all that I am learning personally into my teaching. Along with yoga I enjoy biking, cooking, playing with my dogs and reading.