Kelly began yoga in 2015, when her daughter, Kennedy, (who had just departed for college) encouraged Kelly to try something to bring her life some more joy and balance. Kelly reluctantly took afew warm/hot classes and was instantly hooked. After years of marathon running, P90X, Spinning, Kick Boxing and Lifting, her body was tired and not flexible at all! She had neglected stretching for all of those years and felt the consequences during those initial yoga classes. This yoga journey opened a new
chapter in her life and challenged her more than anything she had ever done. Soon she became addicted to the 5:30AM hot classes with her special early bird friends and teachers. She felt inspired and motivated by the teachers and friends she met on this journey at Drishtiq. Yoga allowed Kelly to feed her body, mind and soul both on and off the mat. This created a beautiful balance in her life. As a school counselor and educator since 1991, she had been practicing many mindfulness techniques in her profession. However, yoga allowed her to grow personally and professionally with many new techniques and strategies. The idea of becoming a trained yoga teacher was a perfect combination of her two worlds. With the support of her loving husband, Scott, and her two incredibly supportive children, Kennedy and Carter, she began her yoga teacher training journey in the summer of 2017. She had no idea how much she would grow to LOVE this journey…the asanas, the sutras, the chakras, the pranayamas, the meditations…and most importantly….THE FRIENDSHIPS AND JOY IN TOTAL MINDFULNESS!!!! She would like to share the gifts of yoga during her opportunities of teaching classes at Drishtiq. She looks forward on embarking on this journey with you in peace and love...