Mary jo Huelskamp

Mary Jo Huelskamp

Breathe, Focus, Release

With a degree in Exercise Science and years of teaching traditional exercise classes, I was given the opportunity to teach yoga.  Feeling nervous and a little uncertain, I went through YogaFit Teacher Training.  Initially, I was interested in just the physical benefits of yoga. In time, I learned it was so much more. I found that I felt physically stronger after each and every practice, but I was so calm, patient and relaxed, I was drawn to my mat. Yoga goes way beyond physical exercise. It is a time to let the mind be still and tune into the breath. It seems so simple, but yet it will transform you in ways you have never imagined.  It has taught me to be less judgmental of myself and others.  We are all on our own journey and the practice of yoga will give us what we need to find our way. We recently moved to Ohio from Wisconsin.  I am a mom to four busy children and work hard to teach my family the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.  I love to run and enjoy cooking, reading and interior design. I am thrilled that I have found yoga and I know you will be too!