LIVE YOUR YOGA - 200 Hour Teacher Training Program

DRISHTIQ 200 Hour Yoga School is approved by Yoga Alliance and to open minds and hearts to prepare you to share the beautiful world of yoga to others! The 200 Hour Training Program is uniquely designed to educate on different disciplines and styles of yoga to prepare future yoga teachers or help deepen your personal practice.

The Yoga Journey Begins

We will begin January 2020. Our program is comprehensive in philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodology and the techniques of practice that support all facets of yoga.


September 21 @3:00pm

October 20 @3:00pm

*note if one of these times does not suit you- give us a call or email

and we’ll set up a day/time that suits your schedule!

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DRISHTIQ  Fall 2020 Yoga School Weekend Overview

Dates (may be subject to change)

Opening Weekend: January 10-12

Weekend 2: January 31-Feb. 2  – Hatha Weekend

Weekend 3:February 21-23 – Ashtanga Weekend

  • March 5 - Training Night

Weekend 4: March 27-29 – Yin Weekend

Weekend 5: April 17-19th –  Power Weekend

  • April 9- Training Night

Weekend 6: May 1-3– Restorative Weekend

  • May 28  - Training Night

Weekend 7: June 12-14 – Practicum & Graduation


Tuition Details-

$2750 Full Tuition Due by June 15 2019

– $250 Deposit due at sign up

See Below for Available Early Bird Discounts 


Payment Options:

$250 deposit due with Application

Early bird discount of $250 if tuition is paid in full ($2,500) November 15 2019

$100 discount if tuition is paid in full ($2650) by December 15, 2019.

FULL TUITION- Must be paid in Full after December 15, 2019 $2750

***Tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE***




 Fill out the application and drop it off with your payment at the front desk.

Call us ANYTIME at 513-204-0270! 

listen to our most recent graduates talk about their journey!


DRISHTIQ Yoga’s Teacher Training are for those who want more!

Rikako Yosihmoto

Rikako Yosihmoto

I came here from Japan, after doing, not practicing Yoga for 6 years, so I decided to start training to be a teacher. I searched ” mason RYT200” and found information for DRISHTIQ Yoga easily.
RYT200 is also popular in Japan, so I knew I could teach in Japan in the future. Although I had fears about my English skills, the staff encouraged me to try. This push helped me to jump into TT in a different language.
Some in my TT group were not there to become Yoga teachers immidiately. Some are nurses, teachers and office workers getting training to become, not necessarily Yoga teachers, but to become true Yogins.
While I was studying Human Anatomy, Yoga philosophy, instructional lessons, etc, I realized that up until then I had been only poses, not Yoga.
Throughout TT, the instructors freely and gladly shared their knowledge with us.
I knew I wanted to be a Yoga teacher, but after TT and the instructions there, I now have true examples of being a teacher to live up to.
If you are on the fence about TT, I encourage you to take the first step of your Yoga journey here at DRISHTIQ Yoga. You will be pleasantly surprised by your destination.

Eun-Hee Long

Eun-Hee Long

I took yoga for 5 years, was looking for a new studio and researching where and what it would take to become an instructor. I found everything I was looking for at DRISHTIQ. I found classes that I enjoyed, instructors that were supportive, and a yoga instruction program that was spread out across one weekend per month intervals, allowing me the flexibility to realize my dream while working a full time job in retail. Through hard work studying yoga principles and practicing, I am proud to be able to call myself a certified yoga instructor! Thank you DRISHTIQ!


Lindsey Schlabach

Drishtiq’s RYT200 Training program has forever changed my life. Their extensive curriculum has impacted my personal practices, my confidence, creativity, and eagerness to learn. Drishtiq’s training program covered everything from philosophy, to anatomy, and having the opportunity to work alongside my mentors was a truly rewarding experience. Each teacher brought something different to the table, and the balance they created was amazing. In addition to the curriculum and dedicated teachers, the training schedule was very manageable. Having only to meet as a group one weekend a month, and having the dates scheduled upfront, I was able to plan ahead and reserve those weekends for myself. I used the weeks leading to our group meetings to delve into topics that were going to be discussed in upcoming weeks, my personal practice, and used “free time” to meet with others and practice teach along the way. After completing the program, I felt confident, knowledgeable and eager to begin my teaching career- My excitement, love, and curiosity of all things yoga has only grown! –Lindsey Schlabach



DRISHTIQ has been my yoga home since I moved to the area, so when I felt the draw to take my practice further and possibly teach there was nowhere else I could imagine going through teacher training. I am eternally grateful to each of the YTT teachers for sharing their knowledge and expertise of yoga and for their compassion and support during the Teacher Training Program at DRISHTIQ yoga. Deb B, Amy V, and Amy K, are beautiful souls who share their knowledge and give generously of their time. They teach from both a spiritual and practical perspective in an effort to prepare you for teaching or deepening your personal practice. The curriculum for the 200HR YTT training at DRISHTIQ is put together thoughtfully and with attention to the whole of yoga. I have grown, not just in my own personal yoga practice, but as an individual and I look forward to sharing my love of yoga with others. If you are thinking of signing up for YTT, DRISHTIQ is the PERFECT place and you will not regret a moment of this journey you are about to go on!

Kayla Wurst

Kayla Wurst

I don't even know where to begin! I am so thankful to have enrolled in the teacher training program at Drishtiq. I spent months trying to find a "perfect" studio and to be honest- I almost gave up Because I wasn't having any luck. One day, I was driving to my volleyball game in Mason and I happened to see the studio out of the corner of my eye. While driving, I thought to myself "I should stop by to see if they have any trainings coming up". I pulled in and they were closed, however they did have a sign on their door that stated they were having a commencement for their next teacher training, (I would say that is fate!?) Although I had never even been to Drishtiq before, I decided to go. The moment that I walked into the studio I knew that I found the right program. I have never felt so welcomed in a place that I have never been before. They answered all of my questions and set the expectations up front. The training was a lot of work, but I had so much fun doing it and I learned A LOT more than I had ever expected! These ladies expose you to a little bit of everything in 6 months! Their program is truly unique and I am just so happy that I was able to graduate from such an amazing studio. Amy(s), deb, Stephanie- thank you. Thank you for being so welcoming and knowledgeable. Thank you for being so generous. I had no idea how much I would learn and grow from each of you. 



When I signed up for Drishtiq RYT 200 teacher training program I did so because of the teachers that were running the program. I knew all of them and the diverse knowledge and style they have is amazing. I knew the program would be comprehensive and help me embark on my yoga journey. I knew I loved yoga and wanted to explore why. The seven month journey with my fellow students and teachers was life changing. The amount of knowledge passed on to us, discussions, practice, support, and encouragement was amazing. I feel I have a very strong foundation to continue expanding my knowledge that I can share with my students as well as incorporate in my daily life. – Therese Currin



I highly recommend pursuing teacher training at Drishtiq! My family lives in Mason and I was a member at Drishtiq for a few months before deciding on teacher training. I chose to do it during my last year of medical school at The Ohio State University in Columbus. I was worried that the time commitment and commute would be difficult since I was a full-time student in a different city. However, the teachers at Drishtiq were incredibly accommodating of my schedule and needs, occasionally meeting with me individually to help me get caught up when medical school interfered. I felt supported and very fortunate to find such a wonderful place to learn more about yoga. Graduating from medical school and Drishtiq's teacher training program in the same summer was an amazing experience, and I plan to use what I learned in my future practice! -Summer 2018 graduate

Gregg Martin

Gregg Martin

I had only been doing yoga for a few years when someone suggested I do the teacher training program at Drishtiq. I felt as though I wasn't ready but thought, why not try. In the past 6 months my practice has improved exponentially. The trainers at Drishtiq did an incredible job increasing my knowledge of yoga through assisting our asanas. Making hands on changes helped me tremendously. I am a visual learner and this approach really worked for me. I'm excited now to help others to "feel the fullest expression of the pose." I feel my understanding of yoga was improved by this hands on approach.

To be honest, I was nervous at first being the only man in the group, but I could not have had a better group of yogis to work with. I felt included in all the conversations, felt that I could contributethings that maybe the others had not considered, and it changed my life-- honestly. I felt more growth as a human over the past 6 months than I have in a long time. I'm so excited to share this with others now. Yoga is for everyone. No one is too old, too out of shape, inflexible, etc. If you work hard and go easy on yourself, eventually the sharp edges of your practice will smooth, you will become more accepting of yourself, and you will grow. Sometimes the hardest part is getting out of your own way! If you're on the fence, I'd say do it. The teacher training will improve every other facet of your life. You will see things differently and it is an important transformation. I'm very thankful to be a part of this yoga community. I could not be prouder of myself and I have the Drishtiq staff to thank. So thank you Amy, Amy, Deb and Steph! And thank you to the wonderful yogis who started this journey with me!


JEN Casey

I was so very fortunate to be able to participate in the first Teacher Training Program at Drishtiq. The teachers leading the program are very knowledgeable, helpful and engaging.  Each one of them has invested countless hours in their own continuing education, specializing in different areas of yoga, and they are willing to share their expertise freely.  The breath of material that was covered throughout the program was very comprehensive, making me feel more than prepared to teach once I completed the program.  In addition, the program is designed for you to establish lasting relationships with the other Teacher Trainees, creating an ongoing support system throughout your yoga journey.  It was an amazing experience all the way around! – Jen Casey


Jennifer Rulon

I am so incredibly grateful for the wonderful teachers at Drishtiq who guided me through my yoga teacher training journey. I signed up for the program with the goal to learn more about a yoga practice that had brought so much positive benefit to my life. The Drishtiq program delivered. It not only provided me with the tools to teach yoga, but also had such a positive impact on my personal practice and growth. The Drishtiq curriculum was all-encompassing and included yoga history and philosophy alongside the physical postures. As a full-time lawyer, I was nervous about making the training work with my job. But the Drishtiq schedule worked well and was flexible. The teachers are welcoming, supportive, and encouraging. At the end of the program, I felt prepared and excited to start teaching. It was an amazing experience! Summer 2018 Graduate