Start your day off right with a Mindfulness approach. 

"The skill of focusing your mind on one thing, such as your breath or body, and then observing everything else with open curiosity and without judgment. Total focus when you feel calm, clear and connected with the present moment. Paying attention to what is REALLY happening as opposed to what you think is happening.  It helps us not be ruled by our emotions or crazy thoughts and wills us away from being only "half" present in our lives." - Smiling Mind   

Research tells us that regular mindfulness training helps us to choose how to engage in our lives with less absent-mindedness, be less victim to our random crazy thoughts, enjoy the freedom of less work-related illness and stress, better learning potential, creativity and focus, as well as improvement in our relationships with others in our lives.  

Meditation Classes

DRISHTIQ wants to help you practice Mindfulness EVERY DAY!

Morning meditations have begun at DRISHTIQ and are EVERY morning 8:30 am Weekdays and Saturday, 9:00 am Sundays! This class is $5 for Non-Monthly Unlimited Members and FREE for our Studio Monthly Unlimited Members!


We hope you can drop in and find your "seat" in stillness or work to carve out time at home by creating a place to sit in silence daily. We would like to start a discussion regarding meditation with the hope of sharing together things we've found helpful, things we would like to know, or things we have struggled with in the practice of meditation.

Here are a few encouragements to get started...

1) Stay Open to this practice and don't put parameters around how you think it should look or feel.

2) Avoid Self Judgement about your experience accepting the experience of each day exactly as it is.

3) Try to Stay in a Place of Awareness and know that this is not about stopping your thoughts or having a blank mind but rather watching and observing and seeing your thoughts as separate from yourself.

4) Embrace Discomfort and Distraction understanding that these can be expected.

Let's share in discussion together and help one another on this path๐Ÿ™