Teen Yoga Blog #1 : Yoga Thoughts

Yoga Thoughts:

I am a little worried about this blog that I am beginning on this site, however I believe that this is in my best interest to do so! First things first, I would like to be as honest as I can about going onto this next chapter of my life, as well as keep an open mind and to respect who I am in the present moment. That’s for good or bad so if I happen to be struggling I will try to express that as much as I can and hopefully be able to overcome those struggles. And if I am doing well I will try to explain why I feel I am doing well in that area and try to elaborate on what I think is helping me to advance my yoga practice.

So a little bit about myself and my history: I am 16 years old and have been practicing yoga on and off for around a year now. I was recently granted a scholarship from Drishtiq yoga to support some of my teacher training costs. I understand that it may be naïve of me to think that I am mentally ready for such a commitment however I thought about this decision for a while now and truly, truly believe that this is the next part of my life. For a while I have been talking to a therapist and kept asking the same question: What will help me now? What can I do to heal and rebuild myself?  And I think that yoga has lead me down a new pathway for taking care of myself as well as give back to my community in a positive uplifting way. Thinking towards the future, I hope to get some of my friends and even strangers to become fellow yogis no matter what level you begin with! I would like to write every day but keep posting around once a month, maybe more.

Stay positive friends,

Katy Closson