Teen Yoga Blog- My Thoughts by Katy Closson

Hello wonderful yogis!

Today I’ve decided to combine my essay for yoga training and my blog together! YAY!

My essay prompt is to write about what resonates with you the most whether it’s the Yama’s, niyamas or the gunas.

I chose to focus on a broader view of what yoga does and what resonates with me.

And that was: How does yoga influence my everyday life in a positive light and how does this give a better output on those around me?

And for me at least at this time is making sure that I am full- Yama 4- and that I am not giving too much of myself away.

Yes, this may sound a bit selfish, however I am constantly being told that an empty vessel cannot give properly. I believe this to be true and struggle with it daily.

The question(s) I often times ask myself (In all 16 years of wisdom) is when is enough, enough? What I mean by this is how can I watch the news, for example, and see people being executed for their religious beliefs? Or how do I help and care for those who are mentally and physically ill? Let alone do my part for the environment? Because of this, some days I become overwhelmed and stressed.

“How can I care for all of this in one lifetime?” And in all honesty (trying to stay as open and honest as I can on this blog) I have to remind myself that I simply can’t take care of everyone and everything. Although this is turning very pessimistic very fast, I promise you it won’t last.

What I have learned from my mom and am still learning is~ I have to focus on what can I do in this day, this moment to help someone or something. This can range from complimenting someone for being creative or picking up a piece of trash in the parking lot. I am not trying to say that you have to do this, it is totally dependent on the situation and the subject. Which I find amazing and unique.

As for right now I believe my way to keep myself full and happy is to do 1 kind thing for MYSELF a day, whether it’s getting my nails done or practicing yoga. Basically whatever keeps me together and able to step into another day, knowing that my face is smiley and bubbly, so I can exude that positivity out into the universe, hopefully making someone’s day a little bit better.

This is what yoga has given me and through my practice, I have learned to accept that in order to care for others I must care for myself.

And honestly, that is a lesson I will keep for my lifetime.


Katy Closson

P.S- Stay positive my friend’s!