As we swing into the month of "Love" DRISHTIQ Yoga invites you to start LOVING YOURSELF!

You are enough

In the competitive nature of our world and society- self criticism often comes more naturally than self - love, or even yet - disquises itself as self love.  When we practice meditation and mindfulness, we can recognize that inner criticism and then work to correct it before it seeps in to our pores, our way of being or becomes habitually unnoticed.  

On our mats, we check in with our breath, slow down our thoughts and work to create a safe space for ourselves on our mats- sans judgement or criticism- and even with an occasional- "Wow I'm awesome at this" cheering ourselves on as we would our best friend.

When we change the way we speak to ourselves- this self love emerges as a sense of confidence, feeling of ease, and willingness to take positive risks that lead to success.  For others we become a beacon of light, harnessing a way of being that attracts and inspires others.