We associate the spring with green, new life, new starts, longer days on the horizon and warmer weather.  Many of us take advantage of the nicer days to open up the windows of our home, take a look around and begin to clean out the clutter and dust we've accumulated over the winter.  

There is also never a better time than the spring to begin to take that inward focus in our bodies, check out where energy seems to stick, stretch and move and breath in our bodies in a way that is cleansing and detoxifying.  


Katie Silcox in the article A Little Love a Little Fire discusses ways of igniting your inner digestive fire saying, "As winter turns to spring, the body, like the earth, will begin to shed this heavy energy. But for now, we can take some tips from Ayurveda to begin to heat up our digestive fire, rev up our metabolism, and help the body begin to melt away the excess, physical and energetic, that may have accumulated over the past few months." 

Deborah King in 7 Easy Ways to Spring Clean your Chakras shares these  7 Techniques For Balancing And Recharging Your Chakras:

Your first chakra is all about grounding, so take a barefoot walk in the grass or on a beach to reconnect to Mother Earth.Your second chakra governs how you experience pleasure, and a common issue for this chakra is shame. Water is cleansing and healing for this chakra, so immerse yourself in water for twenty minutes-in the ocean or a clearing bath with sea salt and baking soda. The third chakra is where your will and self-esteem resides, and physical movement, especially outside in the early morning sun or in the evening before sunset, really recharges this chakra.Your fourth chakra is the heart chakra, and when it's open, you can give and receive love easily and in a healthy way. Practicing love with a pet who loves unconditionally is a great way to heal your heart and become open to trusting love again.The fifth chakra is about speaking your truth, choosing to express the real you. Journaling with total honesty can clear and charge this chakra-and help process old traumas. Journaling is a major part of energy medicine and is incredibly freeing!Your sixth chakra, the "third eye," is where your higher intellect and clarity of vision reside. Daily meditation-another essential part of energy healing-helps to awaken this chakra so you can increase your intuition and inner wisdom.An open seventh chakra can be attained through meditation and prayer since the crown chakra is what connects you to spirit. Here you can ask your higher self for guidance.