Beauty Surrounds

November in Southwest Ohio is much like a fireworks display. Seems like out of now where a vibrant burst of color surrounds us as nature prepares for the imminent arrival of colder temperatures and less permeating sunshine.

Beauty exists in peoples’ preparation for cooler weather also.

We huddle around fires, grasp our hot chocolate (or pumpkin spiced lattes) and curl up under the covers together. We may grasp for that moment longer under our blankets in the morning or layer ourselves with cozy sweat shirts and sweaters.

We may linger a bit longer in the sunshine, or welcome the crisp cool breeze that wisps away the leaves of the trees while we take a big breathe in cherishing the refreshing way fall feels in our bodies.

In the same way, fall yoga may feel a bit different in the body as we embrace the change in moods or needs of the body. That warm/hot class may be inviting or a calm restorative or yin and meditation to reflect upon the change in seasons and the transition of time.

Enjoy the beauty of fall.

Take a moment to pause this November.

On your mat, take in the needs of the body through the senses.  In child’s pose try moving the forehead back and forth to massage the sinuses.  Take longer in that Down Dog affording the hamstrings just a bit longer to open up.  Build natural heat in the body with your Ujaii breath.  Allow yoga to help you during your seasonal transition.   Allow your mat to be a place of support and ease as your body and mind deals with the passage of time and change in the weather.

Find the beauty in your practice.