Ahimsa  The Yamas and Niyamas from Patanjalis 8 limb path are guidelines for living a yogic lifestyle.  These are not “rules” for being a Yogi.  Yogis are known for a practice that is non-judgemental.  Yogis typically accept and even embrace differences.  Therefore, we need to consider these guidelines as suggestions and interpret them ourselves and determine what they mean to us as individuals.     The first Yama is Ahimsa.  This is considered to be perhaps the most important of all the Yamas and Niyamas.  Ahimsa simply means “non-harm.”  As yogis, our goal is typically to release stress and relieve pain, so causing pain in a yoga practice is very contradictory.  Our practice should take us to a place of freedom from pain and stress.     Taking Ahimsa beyond the mat is very common here at our studio. At Drishtiq, we have a family, a community of members that care deeply for each other and give support whenever the need arises.  It is not uncommon for someone to stop and sincerely inquire about how things are going with our family, job, or health.  I love that part of being a member here.  SELF CARE  I think of Ahimsa as meaning taking care of ourselves, health, community, environment, and our world.  If enough of us take Ahimsa to heart, we can change the world!

The Yamas and Niyamas from Patanjalis 8 limb path are guidelines for living a yogic lifestyle. These are not “rules” for being a Yogi. Yogis are known for a practice that is non-judgemental. Yogis typically accept and even embrace differences. Therefore, we need to consider these guidelines as suggestions and interpret them ourselves and determine what they mean to us as individuals.

      A Journey Down Patanjali's 8 Limb Path    You may be familiar with Patanjali's 8 limb path, but you may be thinking, "Patan-who?" Patanjali is the author of a book called the  Yoga Sutra , which is what most modern day yoga philosophy is based. This book is considered extremely important to the foundation of classical yoga and is a great reference for leading a yogic/healthy lifestyle physically, mentally, and spiritually.  YOGA SUTRA  In this book Patanjali wrote about the 8 limb path, and understanding these basics may help you to add a new level to your yoga journey. Most of us come to our mats for the physical practice of yoga (asanas). The asanas are just one of these 8 limbs. This physical practice can lead you to many other beautiful aspects of a yoga practice.  The first aspect of yoga that I discovered after starting my physical yoga practice was Pranayama (breath work.) After just a few experiences with breath work, I was able to realize that I could calm my mind and reduce stress and anxiety simply by controlling my breath.  A sanskrit proverb is written that says, "For breath is life and if you breathe well you will live long on earth." Deep breathing reverses symptoms of stress and creates a calm in the mind and body that activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Some of the health benefits for breath work include reducing anxiety and depression, lowering and stabilizing blood pressure, increasing energy, muscle relaxation, and allows higher levels of oxygen to reach the body's cells and tissues.  Over the next several months, I look forward to sharing with you more of the 8 limb path and the ways that I have discovered that they can make a difference in our lives!

Patanjali is the author of a book called the Yoga Sutra, which is what most modern day yoga philosophy is based. This book is considered extremely important to the foundation of classical yoga and is a great reference for leading a yogic/healthy lifestyle physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Why kids need to be taught Mindfulness

Often summertime offers kids an opportunity to break away from the rigid schedules and busyness of school and slow down a bit.  The slower schedule of summer can also bring about an opportunity to introduce children and young adults to new ideas or ways of being.  Kids minds may be better able to attend to ideas of mindfulness and meditation as ways of addressing their anxiety and stress they may often encounter over the school year.  


Mindfulness is the act of becoming more in the present moment and can be achieved through breath work (pranayama) or meditation (watching our thoughts with non-attachment) and/or yoga postures (asana). 

Although many studios (including DRISHTIQ Yoga) offer yoga classes for kids and teens- there are also many great articles online that help explain mindfulness to kids and resources online and on the app store that help parents and caregivers foster a mindfulness or meditation practice with their kids. 

Watching mediation videos like Amy K's mindful moment or using apps like Smiling Mind can allow kids the opportunity to practice meditation or mindfulness in small amounts of time each day.  These resources can give them tools they need to understand how becoming more present in each moment, slowing down the breath, focusing the mind away from the worries about the past or fears or anxiety about the future. 


DRISHTIQ Yoga is excited to work with our community  to bring yoga and mindfulness to area teens and young adults.  We've been privileged to serve area schools staff and students as well as local Girl Scout/Boy Scout troops and other social and educational settings.  We are here if you need help or have an opportunity for us to come in and share our expertise with the students or population you serve.

Just give us a call or stop in so we can chat! 


Recognize the smiling faces above? Yogis, just like you. Many of them, DRISHTIQ Yogis, finding their way on their mats. One day they felt that urging.  The call to go further. Further in their practice, further into the understanding of what's happening on this path of yoga they're traveling.  

They were familiar with DRISHTIQ, they trusted the knowledgable, approachable teachers, and the embracing community. They are bought into the journey of yoga and the quality of they yoga they found at DRISHTIQ.  Teacher training was the next step. And they jumped in, knowing there will never be a better time to take in this life enhancing opportunity.

But you don't have to take my word for it...

Throughout TT, the instructors freely and gladly shared their knowledge with us.
I knew I wanted to be a Yoga teacher, but after TT and the instructions there, I now have true examples of being a teacher to live up to.
If you are on the fence about TT, I encourage you to take the first step of your Yoga journey here at DRISHTIQ Yoga. You will be pleasantly surprised by your destination. -Rikako Yoshimoto

When I signed up for Drishtiq RYT 200 teacher training program I did so because of the teachers that were running the program. I knew all of them and the diverse knowledge and style they have is amazing. I knew the program would be comprehensive and help me embark on my yoga journey. I knew I loved yoga and wanted to explore why. The seven month journey with my fellow students and teachers was life changing. 

-Therese Currin

I highly recommend pursuing teacher training at Drishtiq! My family lives in Mason and I was a member at Drishtiq for a few months before deciding on teacher training. I chose to do it during my last year of medical school at The Ohio State University in Columbus. I was worried that the time commitment and commute would be difficult since I was a full-time student in a different city. However, the teachers at Drishtiq were incredibly accommodating of my schedule and needs, occasionally meeting with me individually to help me get caught up when medical school interfered. 

- Linda Pann


Check out More information on Teacher Training  Here


Better Yet- Come in and talk with Deb and Amy V on how we can make this work for you.

Upcoming Orientation Meetings

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A History of DRISHTIQ

Happy 6 year Anniversary Drishtiq Yoga! Man time has flown.

It feels like yesterday I had just moved to Ohio. Little did we know my mom was going to make her dream a reality and open up a yoga studio. The news was exciting to the family and we all wanted to know what was going on and how we would be apart of it.


I still remember helping my mom pick out the logo design. I wasn’t able to understand the true meaning behind Drishtiq and our logo until I grew a little older.

For those of you that don’t know, the sanskrit word “drishti” means focus. It’s used in yoga as a way to stay balanced and grounded in your yoga practice. Aside from yoga, it is an essential tool to be used in life. If we stay focused in our goals, we will be able to accomplish them, whether it’s fitness goals or life goals this idea is crucial in setting you up for success..

To emphasize this message, my mom added the “Q” to the end of drishti to symbolize infinite focus. One that is focused is equipped to pursue on their path to their goals.

More importantly, it doesn’t matter your background, how fit or smart you are, or where you are in life, anyone with focus can obtain their goals. Through your drishti you are able to grow as a human and get closer to your aspirations. This focus is infinite and that’s the meaning of Drishtiq.

When it came to choosing a design for the logo it was really important that it embellished the message of Drishtiq. This is how we landed on the logo we use today.

The majority of the logo follows the image of an eye. This is where we find focus in a more practical sense. It’s our gaze and view. All physical goals can be seen. However what do you do if your goals aren’t physical? What if your goal is to become more understanding and pateint with others? You can think of this eye as an internal eye as well. Our internal eye is always there and ready to start on our intentions. Whether it’s our own eyes or our internal eyes, the fuse to our goals always starts there.

Once the focus has lit, our ambition is ablaze. The flame is the pupil of the eye which symbolizes our ambition in conquering our challenges and obtaining our goals. Between the colors and the imagery it very nicely encompasses the message in our name.    

Next time you see our logo I hope you find a deeper meaning in it and use it as a little push forward on your intentions.

With enough drishti or focus, nothing can get in between you and your goals.


Yoga's Health Benefits

Many inches of snow and subzero temperatures, it’s safe to say that the weather starting out 2019 has been pretty crazy. I don’t even know if the groundhog saw its shadow; all I know, is the other week was pretty warm and now we are back to the cold. (yippee…)


These sudden changes in weather affect our health and yoga practice as a whole. In deep focus or meditation, sudden feelings sparking thoughts of It’s way too hot out or I’m freezing can distract us from focusing on breath and stillness, effectively ruining the emersion that meditation provides. By training ourselves to be mindful of this and continuing to practice daily, perhaps you will find yourself barely noticing it at all.

Additionally, with this weather comes sickness: cold, flu, you name it, it’s going around. Nonetheless, yoga is great for boosting your immune system when you need it the most.

Shoulder-stands and headstands are great if you have them in your practice. They get the blood flowing in reverse which is helpful in activating lymph nodes to better fight off disease. Of course good old down dog and forward fold are great for this too, allowing you to release tension and relax.

Bridge pose is also helpful to get blood flowing to the head while stimulating the Thymus and clearing your sinuses, which will help your immune system function. This is also good to open up your chest and shoulders and release tension in those areas. Twists are also helpful in opening up the hips, back, and shoulder areas.

And why not spend some extra time in a resting pose? Along with downward dog, child’s pose and Savasana are great. After all, when you are sick, sometimes just lying down is all you need.

Finally, the use of essential oils are also helpful for improving the immune system from what I’ve researched. Check online and do your own research to learn more.

Lemon Essential Oil is great for detoxing the body and can be put in water.

Diffusing Burglars can proactively stop a cold.

Oregano Essential Oil can strengthen the immune system overall.

These are just a few that I could find but I encourage you to research yourself to find what works best for you! Taking time to care for yourself is so important during these winter months and is something we tend to lose sight of during this time of the year. Make it a priority -- you deserve it.

A Break to Come Back and Find Myself

My little over 5 months of a cross country season has finally come to an end. First, I want to thank everyone in the studio who always checked in to see how my season was going and congratulated me on accomplishments during the season. We have the best yogis and community!

So what does this mean?

It means I have a lot more time to do the things that I sacrificed during my cross country season. I really did enjoy cross country but it came with a lot of sacrifices. I can finally stay up late again and skateboard and practice guitar and not stress so much about not having enough time to finish homework. It has been nice to reconnect with some of my passions again. I could talk about the importance of staying connected to your true self and indulging in your passions but I will leave that to my mom. She is way more knowledgeable on that topic with her B3 method and is a lot more well spoken in the topic. In fact she has a whole program to help you reconnect with your passions in her B3 Method Institute.

All I can say is I feel more like myself now that I can do some of the other things I haven’t done in awhile.

Start Yoga

One of those things I have not done in awhile is yoga.

I decided I needed some yoga in my life again. I have become afraid the longer I go without yoga the less mobile I will be. That did not go well with my overall fitness goals. So going into the Saturday Hot Vinyasa at 10am I did not have very high expectations. I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty but I was just happy I was finally taking a yoga class after such a long time.

To my surprise I hadn't lost as much flexibility as I thought I would. Don’t get me wrong, it was still tough and I definitely can’t do those splits or lotus poses, but I was able to still touch my toes and really extend my downward dog. I just felt accomplished in a sense I was working on my flexibility again. During the class I also felt nostalgic. It had been such a long time since I have done yoga that it was bringing me back to the past. I remembered how easy it was to just fly up into a crow or do wheel pose or move fluidly to the next pose. This is what I wanted to work back towards. Now that I had the opportunity to go to yoga again, I want to be able to work on this.

My body felt renewed from the stretching.I felt the post yoga class buzz through my body that I haven’t felt in awhile (I also felt very drenched from my sweat which wasn’t one of the more pleasant feelings). Most Importantly, I came out of that class with a goal come to yoga more often and fight the tightness of aging with yoga.

So don’t be surprised if you start seeing me in your yoga class here at Drishtiq.

Yoga Goals

Yoga Goals

Whatever your goal is DRISHTIQ Yoga wants to help you reach it.  Our classes are designed with you in mind. Often our instructors ask at the beginning of class- what are your intentions, what do you need from your practice today?  These are questions you should also be asking yourself- Why am I here?  What can I commit to each week so I can reach my goal?

Stop in and chat with our front desk. Share your goals with us. Let's get started reaching them.

We're ready....are you?

Confessions of a High School Senior & Yogi

Confessions of a High School Senior & Yogi

Sitting behind the front desk one wednesday evening shift, I thought it would be cool to enlighten the readers of the Drishtiq Yoga blog perhaps with a new perspective on the presence of yoga in my life. This reflection begins even before this very space we call Drishtiq Yoga was even a thought. It begins even before my family and I moved to Ohio. It begins when this new word was just being introduced to my 5 year old vocabulary. It sounded kinda funny to me. YO - Guh. In fact every time I heard the word Yoga, I thought of the well known Star Wars character, Yoda (my Dad was just beginning to show me this awesome trilogy). Well it turns out it wasn’t a character in Star Wars but still a pretty foreign concept to me.

At this time my mother had just had my little brother and had been left pretty sick after the pregnancy. So bad that her doctor told her she couldn’t do any physical activity. Now if you know my mother she maintains a pretty active lifestyle and the thought of no physical activity seems like the end of the world. So this prompted her to ask the question: So there’s nothing I can do? That’s where this new foreign word pops in. YO-Guh. The doctor said she could do yoga. It would actually prove to be pretty beneficial.

Getting Back to Our Roots

I had an interesting experience in my yoga class. The instructor was playing random music from Pandora, and chose a classical station to end our practice with. What she didn’t realize when she turned on this station was how it affected me. I immediately went back to being a teenager as soon as I heard the first piece play. Life takes us in so many directions; we sometimes forget where our beginnings were. The pieces that were played were ones I played as a High School student on my viola in a local symphony orchestra. For that moment in time, I wasn’t in that yoga room anymore. I transcended back to my childhood bedroom where I practiced every note of those pieces over and over again. I heard the notes I used to struggle with and was amazed I still remembered the whole piece. I then found myself remembering working on those same pieces with my viola teacher, the things he said, the goals we set, the measures upon measures we worked on over and over again so it would come out sounding right.

As the piece continued…I remembered the feeling I would have on stage. As the music grew louder during the concert, the stage floor vibrating and pounding with the instruments, the conductor waiving his arms furiously with the music and remembering the exhilaration I used to feel that sometimes brought tears of happiness to my eyes when it all came together on stage. All the work that led up to that final concert and how amazing it felt to be a part of an Orchestra at that moment in time.

We all have forks in the road – when it was time to make a decision on college majors – the choice was between music and business for me. I chose business, and packed my viola away. However, just because I no longer spend hours practicing my viola and playing concerts, the experience of playing came into my business life without realizing it. These roots that we have inside us, create the education for us on how to conduct our careers later. I learned through playing viola, the concert was the fun part, practicing was not; but it was necessary to be able to achieve a successful concert. The discipline and redundancy of playing the same notes over and over until you got it right – is the same discipline you need in business. We all are performers, in one way or another. Whether we are presenting in a meeting, pitching a sale to a prospect or speaking at a conference, we have to practice and know our subject matter better than anyone else does.

The way you win in business is to have discipline and to set goals. Making decisions too fast is really hard not to do. Making sure that each decision is in alignment with the goals you have with your business is even harder. Taking your yoga practice in your business can help you with slowing down and making sure the steps are in place. Learn to breathe. Take a deep breath before making a decision and think through the impact. Just like in our yoga practice or playing an instrument, it’s the details that count. No one may actually know what happens behind the scenes before it all comes together, but the time has to be taken to go through the steps and “practice” to achieve the outcome you want. No one may know when you couldn’t touch your toes or you played out of tune, because the end result creates an amazing business that the outside world appreciates.

Take some time to go back to your roots. Let yourself go back to something in your life that had real impact to how you do things today. Was it the right way to do it? Are you following a path because you have always done it that way? Or is it time to step back and assess how to do it differently and set goals that take you into a different direction. Make sure you are achieving the successful outcome that you want. Practicing the wrong note over and over will not translate into a good experience for the audience of a concert. Going into a pose incorrectly over and over will create injuries and frustration that you are not getting it right. Instead aim for the appearance of a seamless orchestral concert where the audience doesn’t understand the mechanics to get there, nor needs to. You did the work and took the necessary steps behind the scenes so they get what they paid for.

Believe in Your Vision- Amy Vetter

I remember I was on a trip to Florida with my family in high school driving down a street by the ocean viewing one amazing home after another.  My mom said to me that it must be nice to have a home that beautiful.  My response to her (that I am still not sure where it had come from, but I felt it from the bottom of my heart) was that I believe I will have it one day – and I could picture what it looked like.  She asked why I thought that and I couldn’t explain it, I just believed it.

The house itself really wasn’t what that belief was about – it was about a vision that I believed I was going to do something great one day.  The house just represented the culmination of that achievement.  I keep that vision with me when things go sideways, upside down or right side up.  It helps me keep things in perspective that I am working toward a larger goal – even if I am not sure what that is at times, I just feel it.

Coming into the new year, I thought I would share what I believe it takes when you innovate and work toward something bigger than you based on my own experiences.  Take from it what may resonate with you and leave behind what doesn’t work for your life from this post.  This blog is based on my own self reflection and constant work I do to understand what internally drives me, which may or may not relate to your experiences.

I believe, innovation takes risk and it transitions to many different things over your lifetime.  When you look at history, nothing stays stagnant.  Things are always changing and developing whether it’s music, art, technology, business, etc.  It never stays the same.  It takes people to come along to push for transition to take things to the next step.  I believe each person was put here for a purpose to make those changes and take those risks even if each person hasn’t identified what that purpose is yet.  It’s important to understand what your purpose is and believe in yourself so that we all benefit.  Many times we don’t even notice the changes until they have already occurred and we look back and can’t believe how much has changed in a short period of time.

Part of believing in yourself is allowing space to make transitions for another generation to come through to keep evolving our own creativity.  I read a quote once from a prestigious yoga teacher named Seane Corn where she was asked to mentor a younger instructor that she personally felt had a great yoga practice, in addition to being beautiful.  She answered the request from the younger teacher by saying that she would mentor her if when she encounters the same experience of another teacher just as talented that comes to her in the future by not feeling threatened to help that teacher grow and expand as way of paying it forward.  I read this at a time in my life where I was making a transition in my career and this resonated with me.  You know it’s time to move to your next phase in your gut and make space for new people to grow into the space you were at.  You can’t stay the same or stagnant, everything must grow and change. Sometimes things come to an end to push you to take the next right path – rather than looking at change or endings as a bad thing – instead look at it as your next thing you were meant to be or to do, and not resist it.

Innovation also takes risk.  Unleashing your creativity without listening to other people’s judgement or telling you it’s not possible is really important in achieving your vision.  If you believe in it, do it. When I was younger I was fully into the arts – painting and playing music.  Once it was time for college I was guided into business school even though I had opportunities to major in the arts.  I don’t necessarily think that path was wrong; however, what happened was I began to believe that if I didn’t go to school for painting, I couldn’t paint. What I have found in the past year is I went back to my roots of painting and playing music and found passion for it all over again.  I just read a quote in an article from Katie Holmes talking about growing up in Ohio and wanting to become an actress. Her comment was that she wishes she could tell her young self that acting is just a plane ride away. Everything is achievable, it’s about going after it, having a vision, putting your mind into action and not feeling there is a right way or wrong way to do it.  It’s all a journey.

Creativity doesn’t need to be taught – it’s from within and it resonates with the eye of the beholder. It’s what touches you and may not for someone else.  All you can do is keep putting yourself out there and not let others keep you down because of their own insecurities.  There is plenty of judgement from those around you – even if people don’t know you – it’s amazing how many people have opinions about you that don’t know you or your circumstances.  I have encountered that plenty in my career. Not sure why people take up space in their heads passing judgement, but it’s typically out of their own insecurities of what they have done to limit themselves. Living your life in the way that best fits you is all that matters and learn to shut out the rest of the noise as best you can.

In order to imagine new ideas you need to create space so you can explore what’s next to come.  If there is no space to allow for new ideas, you won’t be able to do it.  I find when I exercise or sometimes even on a plane – when I slow down, something takes over and all the sudden I solve a problem in my head that I couldn’t solve before.  That is because there wasn’t space for it until I allowed for it.  It’s also important to have the strength sometimes to let go of things that aren’t working too.  You try and try and then you realize you keep pushing against the same thing and are not solving the issue.  For instance, there are times when I am painting that I have a vision in my head of what it’s going to look like and no matter how many ways I try to fix it, it doesn’t work.  After all that time and effort, I then have to muster the strength to throw out the painting (which drives my children nuts by the way…they fish them out of the trash and then I have to throw them away again). There are so many things in life that we have to have the wherewith all to scrap an idea or concept and move on or decide to change how we go about accomplishing the same thing in a different way. That’s innovation – but it needs space to breathe and grow so we can learn from it.

There are certain things that take over me, my soul, where time flies by and I lose myself – speaking to a crowd at a conference, teaching yoga, painting and listening to music to name a few. So when things gets tough, that’s why I don’t stop trying or throw in the towel because I put my whole self into what doesn’t feel like work, but what is innate in me.  Rather than resisting what feels right for you, go toward it, rather than holding yourself back. Many times, I don’t have the line of sight of what that next goal to conquer is going to be – but I continue to wade through the darkness toward it until I find it.

Remembering to allow yourself space and grow with what you learn – which is mostly from what fails – will hopefully make each of us stronger and closer to achieving the vision we set out to conquer.  If it wasn’t a journey, it wouldn’t feel so good when we have the wins.  Believing in that feeling in your gut and shutting out the noise will help when things seem to collapse at the seems. When things go dark for me, I step back and try to understand what it is trying to tell me and why so many things are going wrong.  There is usually a message in there if I make the space to listen to it so I can keep innovating and creating.  Going into this next year, believe in yourself, your talents and block the noise.

Stay true to the vision you have for yourself so you can achieve all that you want.

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Beauty Surrounds

November in Southwest Ohio is much like a fireworks display. Seems like out of now where a vibrant burst of color surrounds us as nature prepares for the imminent arrival of colder temperatures and less permeating sunshine.

Beauty exists in peoples’ preparation for cooler weather also.

We huddle around fires, grasp our hot chocolate (or pumpkin spiced lattes) and curl up under the covers together. We may grasp for that moment longer under our blankets in the morning or layer ourselves with cozy sweat shirts and sweaters.

We may linger a bit longer in the sunshine, or welcome the crisp cool breeze that wisps away the leaves of the trees while we take a big breathe in cherishing the refreshing way fall feels in our bodies.

In the same way, fall yoga may feel a bit different in the body as we embrace the change in moods or needs of the body. That warm/hot class may be inviting or a calm restorative or yin and meditation to reflect upon the change in seasons and the transition of time.

Enjoy the beauty of fall.

Take a moment to pause this November.

On your mat, take in the needs of the body through the senses.  In child’s pose try moving the forehead back and forth to massage the sinuses.  Take longer in that Down Dog affording the hamstrings just a bit longer to open up.  Build natural heat in the body with your Ujaii breath.  Allow yoga to help you during your seasonal transition.   Allow your mat to be a place of support and ease as your body and mind deals with the passage of time and change in the weather.

Find the beauty in your practice.