why not to do yoga

What’s Stopping You?

Hello Yogis!

Talking to people the past few weeks I have heard a lot of reasons people do not do yoga.  Here are some of the most popular:

“I am not flexible.”  – Most people who do yoga are not naturally flexible.  Everyone starts somewhere.  Yogis who are out of this world flexible have been working on it for a while.  Our teachers do not expect you to be able to touch your toes or have your heels touch the ground in down dog.  Yoga will help you become more flexible, let us help you get there.

“I’m not in great shape.” – Perfect!  Let us help you get into the shape you want to be in.  Start out with a Hatha or Yin class and build your way to more advanced vinyasa and ashtanga classes.

“I don’t look good in and/or don’t have yoga clothes.” – The beautiful thing about yoga is it is accepting of everyone.  No one is going to analyze what you are wearing or how it looks on you.  The thing I may love most about the yoga community is they are happy to see YOU.  They don’t care what you are wearing or what it looks like on you, they are just happy to see you there and glad you came to practice with them.

“I’m scared to do hot yoga.” – Hot yoga can be intimidating because, yes, it is hot.  It is perfectly fine to walk out of the room if you feel too hot and need a break.  Stepping outside of your comfort zone is scary, but also incredibly rewarding.  There is nothing better than conquering a fear and doing something you never thought you would be able to do.  No one, to my knowledge, has ever drowned in sweat.  Still not convinced?  We have non-heated classes as well!

I have come to the realization in my life that the only thing holding me back is myself.  It is an incredibly freeing and intimidating truth.  I have no more excuses and am limitless.  This applies to all us.  As soon as we step out of our own way, the world opens up to us.  Just imagine what you could do or accomplish if you stop making excuses and start living!  Yoga is a journey that doesn’t stop at your mat.  I really hope you will be a part of ours at DRISHTIQ.  We are so excited to see you and start down this beautiful path.

Have more excuses you need debunked?  Call us or send us an email!  We love talking yoga!!

Ok, I am done being deep!  In the eternal words of Flo Rida:

“Love is nice when it’s understood

Even nicer when it makes you feel good

You got me trippin’ why our love is old

Come on baby, let the good times roll”

See you next weekend!