Community: Root Down Rise Up



The very essence of our DRISHTIQ is our focus on community.  

Within the four walls of our studio- we know it is imperative as a small business to root down so to rise up. 

Yoga Studio Community

We are proud of our Mason Community and LOVE when opportunity arises to take part in supporting the community as a whole.  Our studio was purposely placed here so our community members could have access to our sanctuary as a safe place to practice Pratipaksa Bhavanam or "cultivation of the opposite": to pause,  breathe and become present so to interrupt the chaos or negativity of the mind.   

We know our clients, our family, is the heart of our practice.  These clients must feel safe in our space so to feel the courage to move beyond, to heal, to work through.

We are proud of the number of clients that have stuck with us since our inception, helping us to remember our roots, where we began,  and help us to feel secure to open our doors, and our hearts without reservation. 

 We are pleased with our growth and expansion- adding kids classes and camps, yoga teacher training, and philanthropic focuses. Many of our graduate teacher trainers firmly supported by our work with them go on to become teachers in our studio.  

Many of our new clients come from referrals, we are so grateful our clients believe in us. 

And we believe, new clients are drawn to the welcoming community they feel that permeates our practice.

With great access to Mason, West Chester, Liberty Township, Maineville, Kings, Lebanon, Sharonville and beyond- we welcome you to come see for yourself the powerful affects of yoga and community on the body.  Starting up is easy- an New Student Month is only $35 and gives you 30 days to try as many classes as you are able, and 10% off a yoga mat or towel.

After that its up to you- we have lots of options to support your practice.  Let us know how we can get you started or support you in your journey.  We've got your back :)