Confessions of a High School Senior & Yogi

Man. With school in full swing, it’s official. I’m a Senior.

Sitting behind the front desk one Wednesday evening shift, I thought it would be cool to enlighten the readers of the Drishtiq Yoga blog perhaps with a new perspective on the presence of yoga in my life. This reflection begins even before this very space we call Drishtiq Yoga was even a thought. It begins even before my family and I moved to Ohio. It begins when this new word was just being introduced to my 5 year old vocabulary. It sounded kinda funny to me. YO - Guh.

In fact every time I heard the word Yoga, I thought of the well known Star Wars character, Yoda (my Dad was just beginning to show me this awesome trilogy). Well it turns out it wasn’t a character in Star Wars but still a pretty foreign concept to me.

At this time my mother had just had my little brother and had been left pretty sick after the pregnancy. So bad that her doctor told her she couldn’t do any physical activity. Now if you know my mother she maintains a pretty active lifestyle and the thought of no physical activity seems like the end of the world. So this prompted her to ask the question: So there’s nothing I can do? That’s where this new foreign word pops in: YO-Guh. The doctor said she could do yoga. It would actually prove to be pretty beneficial. This is where my mother’s journey began and so did mine. I started to go to classes with her and soon the frequency of these classes started to increase. I remember going to many different studios with her in our home city. Each with a different feel to it. Now hold onto what I just said.

Before I knew it I was doing hot classes. Now I actually found enjoyment in these classes. I was driven by the challenge. In fact I didn’t ever want to take a non heated class again. I liked the sweat (which I actually didn’t used to sweat in hot yoga classes, but man that has changed)  and the little bit of intensity added. Then when it seemed like she couldn’t be more enthralled into yoga, she started her teacher training. I soon wasn’t just taking random classes, I was now taking classes where my teacher was my mom. I started to become used to going to her classes at the Midtown athletic club located in Weston, Florida every week. I looked forward to that class every week. And sometimes she would actually take the class outside and that is definitely not something common here. Yoga started to become apart of my life. It was something I was comfortable with and did frequently. Yoga now had a sense of different feel then when I first heard of the word

Well at this point I was convinced this was as far as the journey in yoga would go. Nope. Life can change just like that. I was soon in a car with a bunch of suitcases from our old house in Florida moving to Ohio. With a lot of my family living here in Mason, Ohio we decided we wanted to be closer with them and continue to grow with them. Well not only was this year a big year because we moved, but even better I started to hear about my mom wanting to open a yoga studio. When I heard this my reaction went something like this, “Wait are you serious?” but as I assessed this more I realized opening a yoga studio actually wasn’t too far out of an idea for my mom. It had always been her dream of providing some type of workout service to people. Well next thing I know I’m sitting behind the desk on that black office chair while Drishtiq is at age 5. Kinda funny how my yoga journey started at 5 and now I’m reflecting on this when Drishtiq is 5.

Working at Drishtiq has really allowed me to immerse myself into the environment and get a feel for the studio this is. Let me just tell you Drishtiq is not another yoga studio. This studio has truly developed into something special and unique. Let me bring that thought back that I told you to hold onto earlier. I have been to lots of yoga studios taking classes with my mom. Most of the time they feel uninviting or uncomfortable but what’s been created here at Drishtiq is a welcoming studio. I crave the special atmosphere here at Drishtiq.

I may have not become a yoga teacher but to me my yoga journey has led me to being an employee at Drishtiq yoga.I still have the presence of yoga in my life by working here. I enjoy being apart of starting and fostering other people’s yoga journeys and I enjoy being able to create a inviting experience for any yoga student that walks into that front door.