Yoga Goals

Yoga is a great endeavor that can help you, wind down, sleep better, feel stronger, learn to be mindful, become more flexible, lose a few inches, open up space to cope with trauma unfolding in your life.Restorative yoga helps to mitigate the effects of the regular fight-or-flight stress response that can be damaging to your physiology and well-being. It helps reduce cortisol levels which often contribute to abdominal fat. Another benefit of yoga is it boosts your immune system in general! 

Whatever your goal is DRISHTIQ Yoga wants to help you reach it.  Our classes are designed with you in mind. Often our instructors ask at the beginning of class- what are your intentions, what do you need from your practice today?  These are questions you should also be asking yourself- Why am I here?  What can I commit to each week so I can reach my goal.

Our clients are a testament to the way yoga works in the body.  Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga makes us be THERE.  Focusing on breath and the physicality in the poses TRANSFORMS our minds and bodies and our sympathetic nervous system a break!

DRISHTIQ has classes for all your needs- Want to BURN IT UP? In to yoga for the sweat and calorie burn- try our Hot Vinyasa or Hot Power Vinyasa classes.  Need to slow down, turn off the world and feel the Peace? Try a Restorative or Moonlight Yin/Reiki class.  Want ALL OF IT: a well rounded yoga experience with both benefits of exercise and benefits of rest? You'll find that here at DRISHTIQ.  

Stop in and chat with our front desk. Share your goals with us. Let's get started reaching them.

We're ready....are you?