Watching Ellen the other day, she spoke on Mindfulness and the importance of a Meditation practice- stating "We do so much work to keep ourselves healthy from the neck down, but what work do we do from the neck up?"  


Even Ellen meditates.  She, like we,  know that each and every day we are charged with being a vessel of healing and strength for a great number of people in our lives.  Our mental health care is of the utmost importance.  Not to mention- stress, anxiety and mental strain- can arrive physically in our bodies if we do not attend to it.  Compromise mental health, and we compromise our ability to show up in our lives, or for others.

Practicing Meditation and Mindfulness, Yoga Asana- or simply engaging in a creative endeavor like writing,  singing, building, or painting- can help us into the stillness of mind and quiet we are not able to enjoy on a regular basis.  

Sometimes we don't even understand the depth of silence until we are guided (through meditation or mindfulness practices) to experience it. 

Our lives our loud- they're fast-paced, they're filled with noise and activity, stress and challenge.  

Our self-care practice should not be.

In the coming months, DRISHTIQ offers a variety of Workshops designed to bring you into Meditation, guide you in de-cluttering your home to become more present with those you love, and even a Day long RETREAT designed to Get you into your Creative Space, Teach you about Healthy Living and Get you moving in Nature.  

All of these offerings and more can be found here: WORKSHOPS AND RETREATS