Do you Wanna build a Snowman?

Building a snowman can be a lot like building a yoga practice.

Where would you start? Where’s the "right" place to start when you're building a snowman?

Well, you would have to find some snow...(maybe).

For yoga you'd have to find a studio... (maybe :)).

Do you start building from the base of the snowman? Or can you begin with the head? Maybe you're a heart person and the middle is where it's at?

In yoga, many people feel the urging to start at the base. Many folks come through our doors asking for a Beginners Yoga Class, so that they can learn the basics- they have some anxiety about jumping right into an existing class with classmates that have practiced yoga before.

Some people follow their gut, walk through the door, hope there's a class going on and ask for a mat.

Others jump right into whatever their mind tells them they have to have. If that is a hard sweaty fitness yoga class they go there. If its their mind is instructing them they need to slow down a bit, "stretch out and gain some flexibility" they may start with a stretch yoga class.

The fact is though- there is no RIGHT way to start yoga, except maybe not start at all.

Just like a snowman, a yoga practice can not build itself. And just like a snowman, there is no one way to begin building.

So what are you waiting for, let's get started. Our website or App has all you need to sign up and purchase your New Student Month $35 for 30 days of unlimited yoga.