You can not fill from an Empty Cup.

Don't forget to Fill your cup...Let us help!

It's that dreaded month of the year: August. Deadlines and applications and homework and sports and jobs... Summer is ending, school is starting, and stress is building. Everyone knows the feeling. Our schedules just get so hectic and we don't find a lot of time to take care of our minds and our bodies. We don't eat or sleep regularly. Our moods swing all over the place and makes life hard.

Now, everyone has their own method of stress relief. That could be aromatherapy or a hot bath or listening to some calming music. But if you haven't tried yoga as a tool, you're missing out. Yoga has so many benefits and one of them is stress relief! There are a ton of poses that can help the negative energy flow out of your body, even if you're a beginner. For example, cat and cow can stretch some knots in your spine. Or child's pose, which can stretch out some tight hamstrings. Another good one is camel's pose if you want to just stretch and let yourself hang loose!

Heated yoga can really help with stress too. In my personal experience, it just loosens up all of muscles. My muscles are all tight and wound up from sham-wowing all of my stress so a good, heated class really lets my body loosen up!

As all of these obligations start approaching, please remember to take care of yourself. Your health and wellbeing are always more important. If you ever need to get away from your stress, come take a class, breathe with the teachers, and chat with the front desk staff. Even just one gentle class could make a huge difference in how you feel. We at DRISHTIQ are always here for you!